21 Guys And Girls Reveal The Worst First Date They’ve Ever Had

19. Zane, 21

I had talked to this girl for a while on social media and we agreed to meet at a mutual friend’s party. She appeared to be into me for two hours while we talked, isolated from the rest of the party. I went to the restroom, got a new drink, chatted with some other people for a bit, but afterwards I couldn’t find her. I didn’t see her the rest of the night, and nobody knew where she’d gone. As I was leaving the party, one of the many cars was an SUV with fogged up windows. I didn’t find out until the next morning through our mutual friend that it was her in the vehicle, and she’d banged some dude she had met only minutes after me.

20. Roman, 26

The girl I was really interested in asked if we could go apple picking, which is as boring as it sounds. I wouldn’t have minded boring but I was allergic to something there and my face swelled up like the Elephant Man. Imagine that scene out of Hitch, except I don’t have the charisma of Will Smith and there was no wacky sidekick. She never called me again, for some reason.

21. Jackson, 20

I started talking to this girl online, we got along well and agreed to meet up on a popular street that has a bunch of active nightlife, like restaurants and bars. Well I go to meet her at the place she chose, but it turns out it’s 21+ only. I’m texting her explaining that I’m 20 and can’t get in. After like 15 minutes she comes out, says hi and chats, then says she has to go back in because it’s one of her friends’ birthday, but she’d like me to wait for her to come back down. I waited another 20, at least, before saying screw it and calling it on what was the shortest, yet most humiliating date ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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