21 Guys And Girls Reveal The Worst First Date They’ve Ever Had

16. Gia, 23

This guy tried to be really sweet and surprise me by taking me to a book signing by a well-known author because he knew I was a big reader. The problem was that the well-known author was my awful ex who cheated on me and nearly ruined my life. I didn’t want to be mean to my date so when we pulled up I told him I was really hungry and would rather go eat, because I didn’t want to get into the story. He got really upset and said I was unappreciative and he would rather just take me home. I was going to explain it, but he was being such a jerk at that point, I just chalked it up as a loss and moved on.

17. Nina, 27

It was actually a fantastic date until afterwards when I went to his place and he had pictures of himself with a woman all over the place. Like, clearly he was in a relationship, but he claimed they were old and that was his ex, he’d just not yet taken them down. I asked him to take me home within 10 minutes and he kept pleading otherwise but after a while I got angry and he still refused, so I wound up walking to a nearby shopping center and calling a cab to pick me up from there. He still likes my Instagram pictures sometimes even though I don’t follow or acknowledge him.

18. Lilliana, 25

A guy took me to see a marathon of the Hangover movies. He may have actually been the devil.


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