21 Guys And Girls Reveal The Worst First Date They’ve Ever Had

13. Chelsy, 31

We went for drinks but afterwards we were hungry and nothing was open… Except Denny’s. We ate Denny’s. I don’t know if it was the combination of alcohol and syrup soaked pancakes or what, but my body immediately responded by making me go to the restroom for what was at least a 15 minute absence, maybe longer. I destroyed a toilet and was gone for so long that there was really no way to play off what’d just happened behind the doors of that lady’s room.

14. Shana, 22

One time I thought I was going to watch football with some friends but it turned out the guy I was meeting was under the assumption we were on a date. I felt really bad because I have a girlfriend and I’m also not gay. We still watched the first half of the game but I made an excuse to leave because we were both quite uncomfortable.

15. David, 28

We met first at a Starbucks and while talking a group of loud teens sat at the table next to us and decided to talk a bunch of crap about things like what I was wearing, or how she was hot and they’d do this, or that to her. It was loud on purpose, so we could hear it and we pretended it wasn’t happening but I felt like such a chump not speaking up at any point.


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