21 Guys And Girls Reveal The Worst First Date They’ve Ever Had

10. John, 33

I had been talking to this girl for a few weeks and she finally asked if I wanted to get together on a Saturday afternoon. I happily agreed, even when she asked me to wear a suit. I figured it was odd, but thought we were going somewhere fancy, which I was excited about. We were not going anywhere fancy at all. We were going to her aunt’s funeral. She told me she needed someone with her but knew if she told me I would’ve said no. Obviously I would have liked a little heads up on it, so I spent our entire first date meeting her weeping relatives at a funeral.

11. Triston, 28

It was actually a good date at first, after dinner we went to her apartment but it turned out she had cats. We tried making out but I legitimately had to sneeze every 15 seconds. One of the sneezes caused a glob of allergy related fluids to shoot like a rocket from my nostrils and onto my upper lip area, and that was when every last bit of sexual tension disappeared.

12. Kelly, 26

I am a strict vegan and make it clear to any potential suitors before we ever go out. That didn’t stop this guy from taking me to a Mongolian BBQ restaurant for our first (and last) date. I ate crackers and salad while he feasted down on enough meat to feed a small town.


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