21 Guys And Girls Reveal The Worst First Date They’ve Ever Had

7. Michelle, 23

This guy who I met over Instagram asked to take me out several times and I resisted and declined several times, but one night I decided why not? We went to this really nice bar uptown, and enjoyed a variety of fancy cocktails and overpriced appetizer type trays. When the check comes he goes to pay, but his card was declined. He pulls out two more, both of those are declined as well. I had to intervene and save us some embarrassment, because I’m not sure what his solution would’ve been, but I didn’t want to roll up my sleeves and do dishes. I paid, and we agreed to a second date, but I joked with him to bring cash next time. He texts here and there but hasn’t mustered up the courage to ask me out again. Did I get conned into buying some dude expensive drinks?

8. Ally, 27

This wasn’t as much about the person I went on the date with as what we saw on the date. He was a nice enough guy, but during dinner at this cool, new sushi place I spotted a familiar face across the room. It was my dad and he was making out with a lady. The lady was not my mom. I was so horrified I ran out of the restaurant. My poor date was freaking out wondering what he did wrong. I asked him to take me home and explained, through tears, what I saw. I’m sure he was a good guy but after a first date like that, there was no future.

9. Don, 36

It was half date, half her trying to sign me up for her pyramid scheme.


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