21 Guys And Girls Reveal The Worst First Date They’ve Ever Had

4. Dominique, 27

A few years ago I went out with this girl I had met on OKCupid. She was already drunk when she showed up 45 minutes late. She was falling all over me and I knew we were about to get tossed out of the restaurant so I suggested we go to my house to order food. There was no way she could be in public. On the way to my place she kept saying she would have sex with me without a condom. There was just something about her stressing that I didn’t have to wear a condom that really creeped me out so I got her some water once we got to my place and called her a cab. It was a complete disaster.

5. Keith, 22

I decided to meet up with someone from Facebook, who claimed to be in my high school graduating class. She said she remembered seeing me and she was very pretty in her Facebook photos, so I couldn’t believe I was unable to recall her. When we met up she looked nothing like her photos. Even when we were talking on the phone trying to locate each other to meet up, I actually walked right past her unknowingly because she looked absolutely nothing like the pictures. I’m not trying to be shallow, but physically she had used angles to manipulate her appearance and it was almost offensive that she thought that it was okay to blatantly lie to people. I finished the date hastily and never spoke to her again.

6. Mallory, 21

I got set up on a blind date with my ex. It was through a friend that didn’t know we dated (and ended on terrible terms) so needless to say the date didn’t last long. I never tried another blind date again.


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