I Asked Rihanna If She Wanted To Make Out After Her Concert And You Won’t Believe What Happened

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Rihanna and Eminem kicked off their Monster tour in Pasadena this week with two incredible shows. It was particularly incredible for me because of a simple tweet. On the way to the show I figured why not take advantage of social media and send a message to Rihanna via Twitter. Here’s what I sent out:


I figured best case scenario, I get to make out with Rihanna. Worst case scenario, I guess she would send me a certified letter saying she appreciates the offer but has to leave right after the show. Maybe she would throw in a fruit basket of some sort to thank me for the request.

Before the show started I was so nervous. I’m sure she gets requests like this all the time, but what if? What if I tweeted at just the right time moment and she saw it? I got to the show early and was checking my phone every few minutes hoping to see an alert from Ri Ri. The crowd was pouring in so I felt more and more insignificant as each seat filled. There was no way she would notice me out of the sea of people.

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Soon after the show started and, while it was amazing to see the opening, I felt like my chance to smooch with Rihanna had passed. Was this the end of my journey?

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Rihanna took the stage and looked like a Barbadian angel’s wing. She did a few songs with Eminem then took over the stage all by herself. I figured this would be the closest I would get to take a picture with her. Boy was I wrong.

Rihanna did all of her hits and I was all about it. When she broke out Where Have You Been I dropped it low and let everyone around me know exactly where I had been. She slowed things down and sang Stay. When she would say “I want you to stay” I would quietly whisper, “ok Rihanna.”

She finished up her set and Slim Shady came out to do his thing. Then something incredible happened. I noticed both of my friends I came to the show with had stepped out to go get a drink, but there was still someone standing next to me. I looked over and was in complete shock. It was Rihanna!

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I couldn’t believe no one around us noticed her. They were so caught up in Eminem they didn’t notice who had just walked by. I was dumbfounded and asked Rihanna how she found me. She pulled out her phone and showed me the tweet I had sent. She had read it and used advanced technology to track the location of the phone that had sent it. She said no one had ever asked her to make out before. “I would love to make out with fans but no one asks me so I assume they think I’m not a good kisser.” I looked at Rihanna and said, “I’ll smooch you, Rihanna. I’ll smooch you right on the mouth.”

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We made out for a while and it was cool, but I was kind of getting tired, plus my lips were going numb because she didn’t want to stop making out. I was like dang Rihanna, I need a break. She asked me if I wanted to go backstage. I thought it was really nice of her to ask, but I remembered I had a Groupon for a car wash that was expiring at midnight so I didn’t want to be out $10. She was really disappointed, but understood. Eventually we agreed on ten more minutes of making out and then she would have to go because she was supposed to sing more songs and people might get mad if she doesn’t do them. We both had important things to do.

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We finished making out, but she kept grabbing my butt and I felt like that was a little much. We had just met so I was hoping she would respect me and my body. She said she had to go, but her friend wanted to stop by and say hello. I was shocked when I saw who it was.

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Eminem! He said he just wanted to come over and see if I had any ideas for beats. It was hard to let him hear all my ideas while Rihanna was singing, but he told me I was definitely a better rapper than him and that he would love to help launch my career. I’m sort of busy right now so it was a kind offer, but I had to pass. I told Eminem to have a great show, but I needed to leave early to beat the crowds. No way I was going to sit in traffic all night. He understood and slipped back on stage. I didn’t see their finale or encore because, like I said, traffic was going to be really bad, but overall I would say, for me personally, the show was a solid B-. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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