What Happens When You Actually Respond To That Random Facebook Message From A Complete Stranger?

I always enjoy getting new friend requests on Facebook from people who have read my work or have seen me on something. They’ll usually send a nice message and I always try to respond and be as cordial as possible. I truly appreciate someone taking the time to send a compliment over. It’s delightful.

However, I am only human and sometimes people will start asking really personal or bizarre questions that make me not want to be their best friend. A few days ago a guy friended me and posted a few questionable things on my wall that I quickly deleted. I didn’t think much about it until the next day when he sent me a message. I figured I would have fun with it. I blurred his name to be nice, but everything else is original and unedited. Here’s what went down:


First of all, I am not plural so please don’t call me men. Obviously there is a language barrier here so I’m not going to mock someone for their second language. That being said, I was tired and thought I would just respond with nonsense to see how long it would keep going. I was texting with my friend Andy Levy so why not share that info with my new messenger? It goes on…


I was really hoping he would pass along a picture of his leg to send to Andy. If you don’t get that 20+ year old ZZ Top reference, it’s about their song Legs. I dated myself with that one, didn’t I?


Ok this is where it got really weird, in my opinion. How on earth do you transition from me mentioning that Andy doesn’t like a Sandra Bullock movie to my relationship status? No thanks, leg guy.


For the record I was upset that Andy got a PS4 after I got an Xbox One. I actually forgot to check my messages until the next day and by then he was done talking to me. As you can see I tried to spark numerous conversations and they just didn’t pan out.


Maybe our paths will cross again someday. It’s just comforting to know that each night as I look up at the moon, leg guy is somewhere out there ignoring the moon and asking a stranger online if they’re aware of his nationality. Godspeed leg guy. Godspeed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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