10 Things That Always Bothered Me About The Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray] [2011]
Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray] [2011]

I love the Harry Potter franchise as much as anyone else, but there are a few things that always bothered me with the series. Some are small little details that may not seem like much, but others are major inconsistencies that really hurt the overall story. Here are ten things that always bothered me about the movies:

1. Why would they even have a Slytherin house after it’s produced so many evil wizards? Wouldn’t you just get rid of it completely?

2. Why does the spell “ferula”, which creates bandages exists, when the spell “episkey” heals any small wounds that would require a bandage?

3. So Draco Malfoy and his family are huge characters through the entire series, but after helping Harry fight Gollum, they just walk away? It feels like a lack of closure.

4. How did Gandalf hide the fact that his hand was turning black from the Horcrux ring he was wearing? Surely someone would have noticed.

5. I know it’s fiction, but couldn’t Harry and Ron just pretended to be playing Quidditch and flown the ring to Mordor themselves? That way Dumbledore wouldn’t have had to die. (Yes, I realize he came back as Dumbledore the White, but still.)

6. If Edward is a vampire then how is it possible for him to impregnate Hermione? The female vampires can’t get pregnant so how is it possible for the males to reproduce?

7. After the final battle, when Voldemort cut off Harry’s hand and revealed himself to be Harry’s father, how does Harry suddenly have another hand in the next scene? This is a major continuity error that I can’t believe has gone unnoticed.

8. We never get a full explanation as to when his name changed from Tom Riddle to Voldemort. Are we to assume it was after Morpheus unlocked him and is that what happened to his nose?

9. If Harry had access to a time turner necklace why didn’t he use it to prevent his parents, James and Bella, from ever being killed in the first place? That way there would be no feud with the Lycans and they could all live in peace.

10. Why did James come out of Merlin’s wand before Bella even though he was killed first? I know she had already been bitten at this point, but they should have come out in order. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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