8 Things Men Will Always Find Attractive In Women


Look, we could sit here and pretend that guys don’t go after girls who are terrible, obnoxious, and completely wrong for them just because they think they’re hot. Obviously we know that’s not true. The thing with that chase is it’s purely superficial and, no matter how attractive she may be, it’s probably not going to last. Let’s ignore those shallow hook-up attempts for a moment and look at the traits that actual men will always be drawn to when looking for a meaningful relationship. I’m not saying that every hot person is shallow, but when a guy is dumping drinks into a girl at the bar, he’s not asking about her dreams and aspirations. Even Proverbs says that beauty doesn’t last, so it has to be about something more than looks. This is about the relationships that build and flourish. Here are eight things men will always find attractive in women.

1. She’s passionate about something. Anything.

When a woman has a passion you can do so many more special things for her. Flowers are great, but if she’s into, I don’t know, exotic fish, you can surprise her with a rare Lambchop Rasbora fish from Thailand. I totally looked that up, by the way. I know nothing about exotic fish. Having a passion gives both of you something to share and learn about with each other. If her hobby is watching Netflix there’s not much you can do other than watch TV with her or get her a 3-month subscription gift card. Zzzzz.

2. A sense of humor

You don’t have to be a stand-up comic, but there are few things more attractive than a woman that can make you laugh. Plus, being able to watch smart, non-network television comedies together is the best.

3. She’s decisive

There’s a big difference between being pushy and being decisive. Decisive means you can make a decision and stand by it. You know what you want and you’re willing to go for it. Decisive doesn’t mean you stop speaking for three days if you both don’t want to go to Wendy’s, but if there’s a goal you have, you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you reach it. Again, you could say the same thing about a guy, but I’ve never dated a guy so I don’t know what to look for in them.

4. She notices the little things

One time I was dating a girl and while we were talking on the phone she mentioned that she absolutely loved getting new socks. The next time we went out I picked her up and there was a little wrapped present in the seat. She opened it and saw that it was a cute pair of socks. She looked confused and asked me why I bought them. I was a little taken back and said, “Oh I just remembered the other night you said you always loved getting them.” She kind of shrugged and stuffed them into her purse. I know it wasn’t a big, elaborate gift, but it’s always nice to be with someone who appreciates the little things.

5. Kindness

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, if you’re mean, it’s the worst. Someone who’s kind to those that can’t benefit them is admirable. Plus, if she’s kind to your family they’ll love her forever. That makes life so much easier.

6. She’s cool around your friends

She doesn’t have to be a bro and chug beer with all the guys, but if she gets along with your friends and they become her friends as well, it’s a beautiful thing. Obviously it should go both ways, as he should get along with her friends as well, but for a guy, it means so much to be with a woman that’s not just your partner, but also one of your friends.

7. Her own style

It doesn’t matter what the style is, as long as she’s into it. Oh, and as long as it’s hygienic. I get that you’re going for an indie look, but water is free. I dated a girl that stopped shaving any body hair because she said anyone who likes a hairless look is a pedophile. Maybe they’re not attracted to children, they just don’t like it when you stop shaving and showering and smell like a PetSmart?

8. Happiness

No one is going to be happy all the time, but if every time you have a drink you start crying and talking about your first boyfriend it’s not very fun. Be happy with what you have and where you are in life. Not satisfied and complacent, but happy. Plus, you’ll never get one of those awful dudes that walk up to strange girls at the bar and says, “aw, why aren’t you smiling?” Stop it you creeps. TC Mark


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