The 25 Best Kanye West Songs Of All Time


Now before you yell at me and say BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS SONG!?!? I know there are other incredible songs he’s done, but tough decisions have to be made. If this was The Walking Dead and I had to pick 25 Kanye songs to rescue, these guys would be on my lifeboat. (We’re escaping to an island in this hypothetical story.) So here it is, the 25 best Kanye songs of all time:

25. All of the Lights

24. Send It Up

23. Last Call

22. Dark Fantasy

21. Otis

20. All Falls Down

19. Heartless

18. Amazing

17. Diamonds

16. Flashing Lights

15. Welcome to Heartbreak

14. Power

13. Hell of a Life

12. Gold Digger

11. Get Em High

10. Hey Mama

9. Niggas in Paris

8. Monster

7. Gone

6. Jesus Walks

5. Black Skinhead

4. Stronger

3. Through the Wire

2. Can’t Tell Me Nothing

1. Runaway TC Mark

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