12 Honest Reasons Why Your Relationship Didn’t Work Out


Have you ever ended a relationship that you thought was miserable only to have the other person look at you completely shocked? Maybe you were on the other end and, to you, everything seemed great, but it turns out your significant other was absolutely miserable. Here are 20 reasons why your relationship probably didn’t work out.

1. You Let Too Many Little Things Go

It’s the snowball effect where you’ve let little frustrations go for so long that one day he leaves an unwashed fork sitting on the sink and you flip the kitchen table over while screaming like a banshee. It’s not the fork, it’s months of little things that have led up to the emotional equivalent of a Papa Roach song.

2. You Never Want To Do Anything

Netflix dates are great, but it’s so frustrating to plan a big date for someone and their response be, “Nah.” Why keep putting in the effort when the only response you get is a lack of interest or complaining?

3. You’re So Argumentative

It’s one thing to disagree over a major issue, but if every time your significant other mentions a movie or band they like, you don’t have to give a 10 minute rant on why they’re awful. It goes from, “I’m not a fan of that movie” to “I hate the core of who you are as a human” way too quickly.

4. The Sex Is Really Bad

No one wants to admit it to their partner, but some people are just really bad at sex. As much as you don’t want it to affect your relationship, it obviously has an impact. Of course if you’re deeply in love with someone you can look past it, but if there’s any sort of doubt, this isn’t going to help.

5. You Both Wanted Different Things

While it may have started out fun, your idea of taking it to the next level was letting him meet your friends, while he was already looking at rings. Even if it feels right, it’s hard not to want to get out when you have such different views on where your relationship currently stands.

6. You’re Way Too Controlling

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship where every decision is made by one side. “Do you want to go see this movie?” “Nope, we’re going to see this one instead.” Um ok. Can’t wait?

7. One Of You Drastically Changed

When you first start dating you obviously have a honeymoon phase that wears off. That’s not what we’re talking about. Sometimes a change has happened in one of your lives that caused everything to change. You’re no longer happy and loving, but instead you’ve become cold, angry, and distant. It’s hard to love someone that has started to hate themselves so much.

8. You Throw Tantrums

There’s a big difference between needing some time to think after a disagreement and storming off like a giant toddler after not getting your way. It shows a huge lack of maturity and makes your partner feel more like a babysitter than your love interest.

9. You’re Really Mean

Even if you aren’t mean to your partner, seeing you belittle other people all the time and coming off as a jerk is far from appealing. No one wants to introduce you to their parents while you’re spitting on a homeless guy.

10. It’s Become Boring

Knowing what to expect in a relationship isn’t bad, but when it feels more like going through a routine than expressing your feelings for one another, it’s a bad sign. You don’t have to have an adventurous relationship to make sure it’s not boring. If one person isn’t having fun, it shows.

11. You May Not Realize It, But You Constantly Talk About Your Ex

There’s nothing wrong with mentioning something that happened in a past relationship or discussing it, but when every story is about an ex, it gets a little old. If you’ve ever started crying while talking about an ex to your current love interest, you might as well scream “I’M NOT OVER THAT RELATIONSHIP!” into their face.

12. Sometimes Things Just End

It’s not that anyone did anything wrong or someone is at fault, it just ran its course. Be thankful for the time you had together and look forward to what’s next. It’s sad, but it happens every day. TC Mark

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