20 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Country Town


1. You didn’t have Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video to rent movies. It was either some weird name like “Silverscreen Movies” or a random store where you could rent movies and also go tanning.

2. Your teacher would accidentally call you by your older sibling’s name since she was their teacher, and probably your parent’s teacher, too.

3. Most people get excited when a big concert or sporting event was coming to their city. You and your friends were stoked that a Burger King was opening up a few miles away.

4. As far as ethnic foods went, you had a Chinese buffet, a Mexican restaurant, and a Taco Bell knockoff.

5. You didn’t have to make plans on Friday night because if there was a high school football game, you knew where everyone was going to be.

6. If you saw smoke you didn’t call the fire department because it was probably just a bonfire.

7. The most exciting part of the weekend was driving by the movie theater to see which four movies they were showing. If you were lucky, two of those would be new releases.

8. When you gave someone directions it usually didn’t involve streets, but instead included phrases like, “turn left at Betty Simpson’s old house.”

9. If you pass someone on the street and wave or say hello, it’s not because you know them. You’re just being polite.

10. When someone asked if you wanted to go to the mall, you didn’t have to ask which one. There was only one. (And by mall I just mean six random stores jammed together, not an actual mall.)

11. You can drive on pretty much any road in any condition because the ones you learned how to drive on would terrify anyone from the city.

12. The phrase, “I can’t wait to get out of this place” was mumbled almost daily, but deep down you loved it.

13. You couldn’t go to the grocery store without running into at least three people you knew.

14. Everyone was your cousin. I don’t know how it’s possible, but seriously, everyone.

15. You know all about 4-H.

16. Before you got your driver’s license, you had plenty of experience driving a 4-wheeler.

17. When someone asked for your phone number you didn’t have to give the area code because everybody had the same one.

18. You’ve actually borrowed a cup of sugar from your neighbor.

19. There was no need to hiring a moving company because everyone you knew owned a truck.

20. In the summer, the best thing in the world was to sit on the front porch and listen to the bullfrogs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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