The 15 Greatest N’Sync Songs Of All Time

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15. “Just Got Paid”

Every time I cashed my minimum wage check from Blockbuster Video back in 2000, I would crank this song in my Geo Tracker to let everyone know of my recent financial blessings.

14. “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You”

This was one of the group’s most popular ballads so you have to respect that, however there were others that were much better.

13. “Music Of My Heart”

Gloria Estafan joined the guys for the title song from the 1999 movie of the same title. I don’t think I ever saw the movie, but I owned the single for the song. Does that count?

12. “Digital Get Down”

This was the boy band version of the Sandra Bullock movie The Net. The late ’90s/early 2000s were an unfortunate time to name drop technology because every month your “new” product had already become outdated.

11. “Here We Go”

A guy I was in high school with would sing, “Ok now here we go, N’Sync has NOT got the flow!” He thought he was so clever, but no one had the heart to tell him it was stupid.

10. “This I Promise You”

If this is a little lower than what you would have ranked it, I understand. It’s just that I watched my friend lip sync this before proposing to his girlfriend and it’s difficult to get that image out of my mind. They got a divorce in 2004.

9. “Pop”

I was always confused as to why they felt the need to defend pop and talk about it will last forever. Isn’t pop just short for popular? I don’t really see music as a whole becoming unpopular anytime soon.

8. “I Thought She Knew”

This is the most underrated N’Sync song they ever made. I can’t believe how many people don’t know it.

7. “No Strings Attached”

There was definitely a strong marionette vibe for quite a while with the band. I’m sure the guys were thrilled about having to look like puppets for every show.

6. “I Want You Back”

Did you know this won a Billboard award for Best New Dance Clip? Do you know what Best New Dance Clip means? Me either!

5. “Girlfriend”

Is this the point that everyone realized Justin Timberlake was about to become a megastar?

4. “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

The main thing I remember about this song is that on the album cover every one of the guys looked like they had bad water pressure and it made their hair flat.

3. “Bye, Bye, Bye”

You still can’t play this song without everyone breaking out into the dance. It’s impossible.

2. “It’s Gonna Be Me”

Is there a better moment in music than when everything goes silent and Justin says, “It’s gonna be me”? Not that I can recall.

1. “Gone”

I know this is a controversial choice for the top spot, but if you ignore the weird silent movie intro, it’s a fantastic song. Granted, it’s basically a Justin Timberlake song, but still, it’s wonderful. TC Mark


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