15 Signs You Grew Up As The Oldest Sibling

Full House: The Complete Series
Full House: The Complete Series

I grew up as the oldest sibling and, while it definitely had perks, there were little things here and there that drove me crazy. If you’re an older sibling and you disagree with any of these, that means you had a much different experience than me. However, I’m willing to bet we were in the same boat on the majority of these.

1. When your parents wanted to go out when you were little, they hired a babysitter. When your parents wanted to go out when your siblings were little, you’re the babysitter.

2. You were super excited the day you got your driver’s license, only to find out that it only meant you now get to run errands for your parent’s all the time.

3. You got in trouble for teaching your little brother or sister an inappropriate phrase that they, of course, blurted out in front of your grandparents. It was totally worth it, though.

4. There was nothing more horrifying than realizing your little brother or sister has a crush on one of your best friends.

5. You could talk on the phone to anyone, but if anyone tried to call your younger brother or sister, they had to pass a screening by you first.

6. When you did something wrong, you were grounded because “you should know better than that.” If your younger sibling did the same thing, he went unpunished because, “well, you remember how difficult it was at that age.”

7. You could say 10,000 words in front of your little brother or sister and they wouldn’t remember any of it, but if you accidentally cursed in front of them, they would repeat that one word loudly for the next week.

8. Your younger sibling would keep coming in your room trying to start an argument and when you would finally get tired of it and yell for your mom, she would say, “Both of you, cut it out!” even though you hadn’t done anything.

9. You told your siblings that they weren’t really part of your family and that your parents found them and decided to take them in. It was funny until they started hysterically crying.

10. When your little brother or sister wanted a dog, it became the family pet. If you wanted one it was made abundantly clear that it would be 100% your responsibility.

11. When you liked a popular boy band, they were the coolest band in the world. When your little brother or sister became obsessed with a new boy band years later, they were the most annoying, obnoxious band on the planet.

12. On more than one occasion you came in after curfew and your parents didn’t notice, only to have your sibling tell on you the next day.

13. You had to turn off PG-13 movies, not because it was inappropriate for you, but because your mom thought it might not be a good idea for your siblings to watch it.

14. Anytime your family went to the pool, you didn’t get to swim or lie out, because you had been designated the family life guard and you had to spend the day in the shallow end making sure no one’s floaties came off.

15. You could say the meanest, most horrible things to your siblings and it was fine, but if someone else said the same thing you would have no problem beating the crap out of them. TC Mark

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