50 Predictable Pictures On Your Instagram Feed Right Now


I dare you to get on your Instagram right now and see how many of these are currently on your feed.

1. Unfunny meme

2. Unfunny meme that you hate yourself for laughing at

3. Selfie

4. Selfie from three feet above the person’s head to make them look slimmer

5. Selfie with so many filters, they don’t even look human

6. Sunset

7. Sunrise

8. Split picture with a sunset on one side and a sunrise on the other

9. Airplane wing

10. Overly filtered airplane wing with around 25 unnecessary hashtags

11. Blurry concert picture

12. Nine more pictures from the same concert at slightly different angles

13. A dog (Perfectly fine with this one, by the way)

14. An attempt at an artistic shot of a bridge, but you can see the guy’s thumb in the corner of the picture

15. A beer can

16. A bathroom selfie taken at work, which should go over really well with their employer

17. A picture of a Chipotle burrito, in case you’ve never seen one

18. Screenshot from another social media platform (We already saw your tweet, so you can stop that)

19. A recently deceased character from a popular TV show that you aren’t caught up on, so it’s immediately ruined for you

20. A tree with the sun shining through the branches

21. A selfie that has a tree with the sun shining through the branches in the background

22. Your friend with a minor celebrity you don’t recognize

23. Your friend with a reality star he ran into at Foot Locker in the mall

24. An inspirational quote in a terrible font with flowers in the background

25. A Starbucks cup (Thanks for that one)

26. Latte where the foam forms a heart

27. Screenshot of a series of inside joke texts with someone you don’t know

28. A video (No idea what’s on it because no one watches Instagram videos)

29. Selfie at the gym

30. Blurry picture from the club

31. Blurry picture from the club that you were accidentally tagged in

32. The sky

33. Your friend’s television with her feet propped up in a recliner

34. Celebrity that you follow for some reason hanging out with other celebrities

35. Celebrity that you follow for some reason having brunch with their cousin

36. Your ex snuggled up with a new love interest (You both suck)

37. A movie ticket stub

38. A movie ticket stub posted by your friend who said she couldn’t hang out today because she wasn’t feeling well

39. Your cousin’s weird looking baby

40. Your cousin’s weird looking baby in the Toaster filter (WHY??)

41. A blurry picture of a guy on the subway who kind of looks like Mario Lopez

42. Your awkward co-worker as a child

43. Your awkward co-worker as a child with everyone in your office tagged in it, for some reason

44. A bunch of drunks

45. Thirty pictures of your friend posing with each drunk member of the party

46. Selfie of a girl in an extremely low cut shirt asking if we like her new bangs

47. An absurdly expensive item with the caption “WANT!”

48. An absurdly expensive item with the caption “WANT!” that you’ve been tagged in by your girlfriend

49. A selfie that looks like it was taken by a professional with the hashtag #nomakeup #nofilter

50. A screenshot from an iPhone that stresses me out because your battery life is so low Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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