The OkCupid Inbox Of Every 20-Something Male

One thing the internet has taught me is that girls on OkCupid are bombarded with the worst kinds of messages known to exist. Horrible, horrible messages from men on the internet — the consequence of a place where any anonymous stranger (who knows you’re single) can happen upon your profile and send you a message. Any terrible message they want. And every girl I know with an OkCupid account can certainly show and tell of an inbox full of sexual advances, of being objectified, weird fetish inquiries (seriously, who are these people and do these kinds of messages work? Even sometimes? And if not, why do they keep sending them?), talk of how hot they are, if they’re willing to have sex on the first date… the list goes on.

But what does a guy’s OkCupid inbox look like? Well, it can be just as bad in there, in a completely different way.

Here’s a glimpse into the mysterious and (mostly) uninspiring inbox of a male on OKCupid.

OKC thinks that we would get along. I’m not sure what they base that on, but if you think we would get along, message me back. We could get a drink sometime.


What part of florida are you from?

hi :)

Sounds good

I don’t know why I’m writing you. I don’t like dancing or dudes with blue eyes.


You may have the best user name ever. Congrats!

we are 12% enemies

wanna get drunk together in your room??

HI, your profile me laugh. I almost stole an eames rocking chair from an abandoned (I think) beach house this summer, but lost my nerve at the last minute. Regret it. I like using Photoshop to draw arrows pointing at noteworthy things in photos. Don’t know how to do anything else.

I don’t know… what?

hey im Brittany lets chat sometime B-)

I like everything you said on your profile.

You’re cute

Well hello there

I love your glasses. – Misha

love me some beetlejuice!

how do you feel about ikat print chairs?

hey! just wanted to say that you are actually cute! but I almost missed it because you picked the worst pic you have for our profile picture. And btw, lol at me too cause i am on OKC as well. Suck to be us hahah.

that’s a great tie

Are you sure you are funny?

Fantastic hair! Hey, I am a fellow former Floridian. Congrats on the migration north. I totally love a good thunderstorm as well.


hi hi

I love your username. =P

Hi, you seem really interesting. I like the Beach Boys, like you. I’m Beth.

Hi there, So I have to ask. Did you actually hit a hole in one or are we talking about like miniature golf level? Not that that would make it less awesome or anything.

Happy Sunday (hope you are enjoying the Oscars if that’s your thing.)

A. :-D ;-D Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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