10 Ways to Have Fun By Yourself

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Okay. So if you just moved here, don’t really know anyone, and don’t have a job just yet, you’ll soon realize you have a lot of free time on your hands. Now at first this scared me, but then I realized this was the perfect chance to have some quality time with myself! So I have compiled a list of ten fun things you can do by yourself. You’re welcome.

1. You know that TV show you fell behind in due to the busy life you once had before moving across the Country to a completely new place where you have no social life and the most exciting part of your day is when Sephora.com sends you an email advertising a new lipgloss? Well it’s time to catch up on that show.

2. Go to a coffee shop nearby with a book or your computer. It’s a good place to meet people! I mean, you need to be nonchalant about it, of course. You don’t want to come off as a desperate, friendless, movie geek who looks like she’s texting but is actually looking at pictures of her cat. So just play dumb. Ask them what the best drink is at the coffee place, or see if they know how to get connected to the wifi there, or ask what day of the week it is. You never know, your soulmate could be just a bagel and cup of coffee away.

3. Exercise! It’s always the perfect time to start living a healthier lifestyle. Especially in LA. Being healthy and fit is really in right now. I’m serious. Kale is the new black. People are always doing hot yoga, pilates, spinning classes… I hate spinning. Just everything about it. It’s basically a super uncomfortable bike that doesn’t go anywhere, and instead of hearing the sounds of nature and feeling the wind in your hair, you are being ‘pumped up’ by some overly enthusiastic woman in neon spandex while getting drenched in your own sweat. But hey, you might make a friend!

4. Go for a walk with your dog! And if you don’t have a dog, just do what I do. Spend hours on Craigslist looking up puppies you can’t have and cry over a private screening of Homeward Bound in your bed, curled up with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

5. Learn to cook. And by learn to cook, I mean look up videos on YouTube of other people cooking a dish you want to make, realize how many ingredients they use that you don’t have and how much time it has to sit in the oven, get even hungrier from seeing how good the food looks when it’s finished, become impatient, and end up ordering takeout from the nearest cafe.

6. Go on tinder and tell yourself it’s the perfect way to meet locals. After spending just minutes on the app, realize everyone is crazy or weird or a rapist and consider deleting your tinder (because really, you have no good reason for having it) but in the end decide against it. Repeat weekly.

7. Go for a drive! You don’t need a destination. Just cruise around with your music on and the windows down, because the rental car they gave you while your car is STILL being fixed has a jacked up AC that decided to break after just 15 minutes of using it, which is really fun in 90 degree weather. But even in your boiling hot vehicle, I really do suggest going for a ride down the PCH. It’s beyond gorgeous.

8. Go online shopping. Find a ton of really nice things you want to buy and put all of them in your ‘cart’. Before checking out, remember you don’t have a job right now and you just bought a car. Exit out of website. Open another clothing store website. Repeat.

9. Take a really long shower. Like. Really long. Shave your legs the best you’ve ever shaved them, scrub yourself with so much body wash that you become warm vanilla sugar, and make your hair softer than bamboo sheets. After your three hour long shower, take time to style your hair, put on some really nice makeup and slip on a cute outfit. Spend a lot of time getting ready. Realize you have nowhere to go. Take a selfie as evidence to remember that you really can look that hot, if given several hours. Grab a poptart and watch some Netflix.

10. When all else fails, start a blog.

Enjoy your alone time! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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