35 Signs Your Best Friend Is Better Than A Significant Other


So, I have three wonderful best friends and I am convinced that they are actually my soul mates. These are ways to tell if your best friends are also actually your soul mates:

1. You don’t think twice about sharing each other’s deodorant.

2. You never compliment each other unless you really mean it.

3. You always insult each other and never mean it.

4. You don’t think twice about traveling three hours in the midst of midterms season to be there for one of their 21st birthdays.

5. They are always in the little boxes of friends on your Facebook profile page.

6. You guys actually have a secret Facebook page—pfft, how lame… Except if anything from that page leaked to the world… Knocking on wood as I type…

7. You stay up past 2:30am on a school night to Skype with one of them because you sent her that scary Thought Catalog article and now she’s too afraid to go to sleep.

8. You’ve never lived a day without speaking to at least one of them since the day you met.

9. You became friends with them at that very awkward age of fifteen or sixteen when you looked freaky and scrawny and you all said things like: “we don’t need alcohol, we get drunk off of life!” I am currently shuddering.

10. You stopped doing gifts on holidays (except maybe birthdays) because you know that none of you have much money and because gifts (unless they’re gag) are superficial anyway.

11. You’ve partied with them in New York City, Boston, London, Montreal, Middletown (CT.), and at home.

12. You love cuddling in bed with them and eating nachos with cheese dip and guacamole and would actually prefer this to going out.

13. All four of you manage to somehow fit on a queen-sized bed, despite one of them sleeping like a dog on the foot of the bed.

14. Your laptop’s Photobooth has several videos with them you would never share with anyone else ever because they are so painfully embarrassing.

15. You have peed while they were in the bathroom with you.

16. They would drop everything to come and console you if you were really down.

17. They have liked close to every single one of your profile photos on Facebook.

18. You’ve never had fights with each other over a boy because you would prefer them to boys.

19. You don’t imagine them at your wedding—no, you imagine them being with you to do the dirty work: picking out the dress, choosing the food, making up the guest list…

20. When you reflect on the best memories of your life, at least one of them is involved in almost every single one.

21. You count down the days you will all be reunited again. Sometimes, publicly on Facebook. #noshame.

22. You’ve all kissed one another but have denied it as having passed smoke to one another.

23. You come back to the table after taking a long time in the bathroom and they admit that they had been discussing that you’ve been in the bathroom for an unusual amount of time and they were worried but nervous because you may have been just pooping… But then they realized it was just you so they told you all of this and are now sitting there laughing.

24. You’ve Snapchatted each other more than you’ve Snapchatted any boy.

25. If they’re in the area and are available, you would prefer to do any social activity with them over anyone else.

26. You’ve had many a failed nights with them when you wanted to do something exciting but ended up at Burger King instead, but you don’t care because you’re all laughing about it anyway and you keep going out with them and repeating these failed nights because you secretly enjoy them.

27. They understand when you are busy and don’t make you feel like shit about it.

28. Even if the two of them or even three of them do something together without you, you don’t feel jealous about it.

29. You don’t get jealous of their other friends because you know they love you more anyway.

30. The three of you want the one with the good voice to sing for your babies.

31. None of you go to the same school or have the same major or have the same interests but you somehow always have tons to talk about.

32. Your mom knows all of their names and where they live and have their numbers and have met their parents.

33. You are engaged to at least one of them: If you are both not married by age 40, you are going to marry each other.

34. You don’t feel a tinge of disgust from holding any of their hair when they throw up from drinking too much.

35. The thought of you guys drifting apart scares you more than a romantic breakup. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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