In Case You Forgot, God Is With You Along The Way

In Case You Forgot, God Is With You Along The Way

I know that you’ve tried your best. I know that you never feel that you’re enough. And I understand that you’re tired.

You’re tired of trying to meet their expectations, while they never appreciate your efforts. You’re tired of pursuing those goals which always seem so far away no matter how hard you were trying to reach it.

You’re tired of chasing people as the more you keep them close, the more they slip away. You’re tired of loving the wrong person. You’re tired of living your life.

I know that you’re tired of rejections, failures, and disappointments. But, in case you forgot, I want to make you remember that God is always with you along the way.

When you’re anxious, confused, sad, and disappointed; please make time to remember God as He is never forgetting you.

Whatever you believe in, please remember that God will always know what your silent heart wants. He hears your prayers and knows your struggles. He knows the way you cry at night and how hard it was to hold back your tears during the day.

Please know that God will always have your back, even if you never ask for His help. I wish you will always remember that God is near and He is the best of protector.

Maybe God makes you wait a little longer before He grants your wishes, but someday, when you least expect it, things will happen in the best possible way.

He always grants your wishes at the right time, so you’ll know the true meaning of patience and perseverance. He wants you to grow and see the way you struggle, just to make you believe that God will never give you a burden which is more than you can handle.

When you come to Him in your prayers, know that He might not always give what you’ve wanted, but He will surely make your heart at ease. He will give patience and strength for you to hold on until the storm passed.

God is the One who’ll make you firm upon the decision that you’ll take and He will always guide you whenever you’re lost. God will give you the courage to defend yourself and to forgive the ones who made you suffer. He will make you believe that after hardship, there comes ease.

It’s okay to be mad at Him because I know that your pain is unbearable, but please have faith that God will never disappoint you in any possible ways.

You need to remember that maybe, what you’ve always wanted is not good for you and you need to believe that God is the best of a planner. He knows what’s best and He will make sure that what’s meant for you will never pass you by.

While you’re struggling right now, please remember that God is watching and being proud of your hard work. Hold on. Sooner or later, He will give what you’ve always wanted and needed.

Until then, when life is against you, I wish your heart will always be connected to the One who made it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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