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This Is Honestly Why They Gave You Mixed Signals

Maybe right now, you are in the gray area and wondering whether he or she is into you or otherwise. Yesterday they were really nice to you and today they’re nowhere to be seen; they didn’t even reply to your texts at all. They told you that they liked you, yet they’re always ghosting you. You feel confused between letting them go or just waiting until they give you a certainty. Not to mention that you felt the chemistry every time they spent times with you. But, why did they give you mixed signals?

When it comes to love, there should be no mixed signals involved.

And the people who give you mixed signals usually have some reasons behind their confusing behavior.

They give you mixed signals because they were once a victim of a broken heart. The person who gives you mixed signals once loved someone too deeply and they lost themselves along the way. They were the ones who always cared too much, loved too deeply, and tried so hard to get the love that they actually deserved and they didn’t get it. Instead of getting the love that they hoped for, they were being cheated and betrayed by the people they loved the most.

Their heart was stolen and they were once broken beyond repair. Thus, they will protect themselves from being hurt again because it takes a very long time for them to build trust with people. They will build up their walls and mixed signals are the signs that they don’t want to be fooled again. The person who gives you mixed signals was once a hopeless romantic but they were disappointed by those people who didn’t treat them right.

They give you mixed signals because they want to love themselves first before they give love to others. The person who gives you mixed signals knew and realized that this time they don’t want to be fucked up by love. Thus, they want to love and forgive themselves before they take care of others. They know that when they love themselves enough, nobody could ever break their heart apart. This time, they will be their own savior and they know what they truly deserve.

They understand that self-love is the only way to love without being vulnerable because this time they won’t lose themselves along the way. Their mixed signals are the signs they’re telling you that they haven’t healed completely because they don’t love themselves hard enough. The person who gives you mixed signals was once broken and they are trying to forgive themselves first.

They give you mixed signals because they are confused and scared whether to trust you or otherwise. The person who gives you mixed signals is someone who has trust issues. Maybe they appear to be strong, independent, and reckless but deep inside they are scared as hell. They know that despite all the wounds that they had, they need to open up their heart to other people and it’s really difficult for them.

They know that they need to let people in and start all over again yet it’s hard for them to trust other people. They understand that love and pain always come in a package and they need to be ready to be broken again once they let it in. The person who gives you mixed signals is trying their best to believe in love again because they fell in and out of love so many times and they’ve tired of being the one who loved the most.

Most of all, they give you mixed signals because they are not ready to have a relationship with you. It has nothing to do with you—you didn’t do anything wrong and they loved the way you treated them with all your heart. But the person who gives you mixed signals needs more time to figure everything out by themselves. Right now, they are on their own journey to learn everything that life has to offer. They are embracing their own life to the fullest until they are ready to love again wholeheartedly.

I’m sorry that they give you mixed signals and I know that you’re confused. You can leave or you can wait until they’re ready, but when you meet someone who gives you mixed signals don’t expect too much. Don’t be surprised if someday, they will leave you behind like there was nothing special going on between both of you.

If a person gives you mixed signals, this person knows for sure that they will never love you like they never had a broken heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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