In 2018, Learn To Be Kind To Yourself Above All Else

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At the end of this year, let’s take aside those New Year’s resolutions, unmet expectations, and unmet goals from our previous years. Let us take aside those disappointments, anger, and resentments which we’ve kept within ourselves.

This time, I don’t want you to make a new list of resolutions. Next year, I don’t wish that you’ll achieve all of your dreams and I don’t expect to hear your success stories.

In 2018, I only hope that you are able to be kinder to yourself.

In this New Year, I hope you will never blame yourself for making mistakes and for any failures. I hope your apologies are not only for other people, but also for yourself. I hope you will forgive yourself as easily as you forgave the person who broke your heart.

I hope you will realize that forgiving yourself is the key to living your life the right way and I hope you’ll learn to accept your wounds each day. In 2018, I hope you will be proud of your wounds instead of hiding them from the world.

I wish you will no longer live your life to please other people and I hope you’ll find the place where you belong. You need to realize that you don’t need anyone’s acceptance—only yours. I wish in this New Year you will be brave enough to leave those people who don’t see your worth.

I hope you will brave enough to stand up for yourself, to speak the truth, and to defend yourself however how hard the situations will get.

I hope you will always have a voice to be heard and to be understood. Next year, I want you to be your own hero and become your own savior. I wish you will brave enough to speak the words which have to be said.

In 2018, I wish you will be a little more you and a little less like them. I hope you know where you’re going and know it’s okay if you’re lost. I wish you will be proud of yourself even if you don’t get what you’ve always wanted. I hope you will always realize that you are one of a kind and you are actually never alone.

I wish in 2018, you will find the love within yourself. Instead of seeking love from others, I wish in this New Year you’ll understand the true meaning of self-love. I hope you understand that self-love is when you are brave enough to leave a toxic relationship and to realize that love shouldn’t make you sacrifice your own happiness. I hope in 2018, you will prioritize your own happiness above all.

I wish in this New Year you will find home within yourself. I hope you will stop looking for a home within people and you know exactly that most of the time people are temporary. I wish you will surround yourself with the people who will never take you for granted. I wish you realize that you are your own home and you hold the key.

In this New Year, I want you to admit your emotions without being ashamed of them. I want you to realize that having emotions is okay and you need to realize that your emotions are valid. Having emotions is not a sign of weakness and I hope you will embrace your vulnerabilities the same way as you’re being proud of your strengths.

In 2018, I want to hear that you love yourself more than before. I want to hear how you totally forgive yourself for being broken beyond repair.

Rather than a success story, I want to hear how you’ve made it through and how you manage to survive. I want to hear that you’ll no longer care about resolutions because you know exactly what matters the most is your own acceptance of yourself.

In 2018, I don’t want you to make all of your dreams come true. I just want you to love yourself even more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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