10 Uncomfortable Truths You Deserve To Learn In Your 20s

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1. There is no such thing as a perfect job.

You will realize that every job has its own positive and negative sides; even if you get your dream job, it will never be as perfect as you’ve imagined. You will lower your expectations toward your job as you begin to understand that every job requires hard works to get a success story. But this realization doesn’t demotivate you; it makes you want to prove yourself to go beyond your own limits instead.

2. People are temporary.

When you’re an adult, you will get used to goodbyes because you know that everyone you’ll meet has their own life path. You might say goodbye and meet new people at the same time. It will be hurt so much when you lose some people that you’ve loved, but as time goes by, you’ll start to accept that not everyone you lose is a loss. Sometimes, it saves you from being hurt instead.

3. Karma happens to everyone.

Because everyone will always get what they deserve, including you. You will totally believe that what goes around comes around and you know that if you hurt other people, someday you’ll be hurt too. You won’t take other people’s behaviors personally because you know that in the end, the universe will give them exactly what they deserve. This ugly truth will increase your empathy towards others because it makes you more self-aware about your own behavior.

4. Getting married is not the key to making your life better.

Sometimes, society overly romanticizes marriage and the journey of finding the one. There are also some women who think that getting married could make their lives more beautiful because of the idea of living with their forever person. The truth is, marriage is not easy and it’s full of responsibilities. Finding the one and getting married is not as beautiful as in the movies since it requires a lot of works and struggle in real life.

5. You will compare your life to others.

In this world full of social media, it will be hard for you not to compare your life to others. You will see those people who seem luckier than you because they have a steady job, a devoted partner, a ton of achievements, and they go on luxury vacations. But, you were not born to compete; you were born to be happy with your own life. Remember that no one’s life is as perfect as their Instagram feed.

6. People will always say a lot about you.

In the beginning of your adulthood, it will be so hard for you not to follow the society’s success standards and values. People around you will always give their opinions about everything that you choose to do in your life. But their opinions about you are not important at all as long as you’re happy with your life decisions. Remember that believing in yourself is the only way to survive your 20s.

7. There is no such thing as love at the first sight.

Because when you’re adult, love is no longer that butterflies in your stomach feeling or chilling with your Netflix buddy. When you’re an adult, you will learn that love is when the other person is willing to listen to all of your complaints when you had a bad day or be there when you’ve had a major failure in your life. Love is when they are willing to give their time for you when they’re extremely busy. Love is teamwork. It’s giving support to each other and it takes a lot more time than just a first sight.

8. Not everyone is sincere.

You can’t trust everyone. The need to survive will make people fake things; they will be kind only when you have something that they need. Remember that people will always disappoint and hurt you, but never stop being kind. If you could help them, then just do it. But don’t forget that it’s totally okay for you to say ‘no’ to the things.

9. You won’t always get what you want.

And your life will most likely not go as planned because sometimes, the things that you want are not always the things that you need. You have to learn to accept failures and realize that when a door was closed, there will be another door opened for you. You have to always remember that the universe will always give everything that you need, which is not always what you want in life.

10. You will be messed up.

Because you will face failures, rejections, and confusions. You will make mistakes here and there—getting hurt and getting lost. But it’s totally okay, normal, and you will be fine. The beginning of your adulthood will absolutely be a mess and your life will be unpredictable at its best, but that’s the perks of being an adult. Nobody knows how to live their lives either, even in their late adulthood. In the end, when you’re able to be fearless in your messy adulthood, that’s the exact sign you’re mastering your own life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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