Stay Single Until Love Feels Easy

Stay Single Until Love Feels Easy

There will be a time in your life when you meet someone who makes love feels so easy and effortless. The love that you feel towards them is effortless because both of you are working together to make it happen. There is no such thing as sacrifices because all of the things that you do for this person are genuinely coming from your heart for the sake of their happiness, and they do the same for you as well. Both of you will always give and take things without counting each other’s contribution just because.

The love feels so easy and it makes your life better than it used to be.

The love towards this person will make you feel at ease because it feels secure. This person will always give you answers even to the things you don’t ask because they understand that you deserve to know everything. There won’t be any secrets between both of you because you believe in each other wholeheartedly. This person won’t make you wonder about their feelings and they will always express themselves openly. Both of you won’t need any reassurance about each other’s feelings because you just know that this kind of love feels honest and true.

With this kind of love, both of you will always be present for each other. You won’t have to beg for their attention and affection because they will always give it to you without being asked. You will always be in their special moments and in their good or bad days; both of you will be together through thick and thin. Both of you will always show up for each other even without making promises. You might not be together all the time, but you know they will always come back and so will you.

They will always stay with you and the love feels like home.

The love towards this person will make your life worth living. When things get difficult, this person won’t place blame and yell at you because they know that you deserve to be treated well even in the worst times. You will listen to them instead of arguing with each other because you understand that their thoughts need to be heard as well. Understanding will come from both sides and both of you will able to solve problems without making it more complicated.

This kind of love feels peaceful, even in the stormy days.

This kind of love will make you learn countless life lessons. This person will make you learn that love won’t happen without hard work. Both of you know that simply love alone won’t be enough to make both of you stay with each other. They will challenge you to pursue your highest goals and you will always help them to overcome their obstacles as well. This person will inspire you to live your life better and they will make you realize what really matters in life. This kind of love feels passionate and it makes you more motivated to achieve anything in your life.

With this kind of love, loving that person won’t hurt at all. You will forget the feeling of being broken. They won’t heal your wounds from the past, but they will help you to heal them by yourself. They won’t save you from drowning, but they will teach you how to swim. You will embrace their flaws as well and you will help them to overcome their fears and insecurities. The love will feel so empowering and it makes both of you grow wiser than before.

There will be a time in your life when love comes easy and effortless.

Until then, stay single. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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