Stay Single Until You Find An Alpha Woman

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If you are a free and a wild soul, you’ll love an alpha woman. An alpha woman is not for everyone; for she is the kind of woman who can be wild and authentic at the same time. She will set you free and let you explore each corner of your life, because she knows that you deserve to feel fully alive each day.

You will be intertwined with her heart without the feeling of being chained. She will make you realize that a committed relationship shouldn’t limit the ability for both of you to grow as a person.

For an alpha woman, your freedom is her happiness and trust is her number one love language.

Just the same as you, an alpha woman doesn’t like to settle. She is the kind of woman who likes to try new things and those first-time experiences will excite her. Thus, dating her won’t feel boring since she will take you on countless adventures and she will make you feel fearless.

She will make you brave enough to go out of your comfort zone as you help her to face new challenges each day.

When you date an alpha woman, your life will be multicolored as she will make you feel all sorts of things at the same time.

An alpha woman will make you feel brand new each day for she will make you learn about yourself in a way that nobody could discover but her.

For her, you are a book which she will never finish as she always finds new things inside you. You will be surprised by her honesty as she is sincere in helping you become a better person. She will be your partner and your own reflection at the same; she makes you acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses you’ve had.

When an alpha woman chooses you, it means that she sees a future in you. She knows that she could grow as a person with you by her side, because she realizes that you can help her achieve more in life. Just like you an alpha woman has big dreams and she will be excited to help you reach your dreams as well.

An alpha woman doesn’t need you, but she wants you.

She doesn’t need you to pick her up everywhere, but she wants you to be the person she could talk to when she has a bad day. She doesn’t need you to give her some gifts on her birthday, but she wants you to be the person she could be vulnerable and weak. with

An alpha woman doesn’t need to be saved, but she wants someone who could accompany her through the good and bad in life.

But, a relationship with an alpha woman will be boring in a way, because there will be no drama involved. She doesn’t like to complicate things; she will tell you directly what she feels and what she wants. She will always be honest, because that’s her core value in her life and she believes in you.

She won’t play mind games with you and she won’t get mad if you don’t reply her texts within five minutes. She won’t argue over small things, because she has other things to handle instead of winning a stupid argument. She will try to understand your situation as well when both of you have conflicts to be solved; an alpha woman will negotiate, not yell.

Stay single until you find an alpha woman, for she is worth the fight and not for everyone. She won’t always be the perfect girlfriend, but a relationship with her will make you realize the true meaning of love and what really matters in life.

She will be loyal, but she will always know when you take her for granted and she doesn’t mind to leave the relationship once it feels toxic. Always remember that she doesn’t need you, but she wants you. Thus, when you find an alpha woman and want to date her, be all or nothing because there is no turning back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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