25 Imperative Life Lessons You’ll Gain From Solo Travel In Your Twenties

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1. You’ll acknowledge that you can change your life in just a day. We tend to forget that 24 hours could bring us countless extraordinary things, if only we made decisions to choose those things to happen.

2. You’ll get lessons from experience new things. Solo travel will make you experience new things which always bring new sensations, new feelings, and those things will help you to overcome obstacles in your life ahead.

3. You know exactly that being fearless is the key to living your life to the fullest. Instead of fearing the unknown, try to embrace the knowledge you’ve got from everything that you choose.

4. You learn to be independent at its finest. Solo travel will teach you to do everything by yourself and you will realize how being independent is a crucial thing to live this life.

5. You’ll find kindness everywhere. Although you’re traveling alone, you’ll realize that strangers could be so nice when they start to talk and share their stories with you.

6. Your intuition is (always) right. Whether it’s telling you about situations or some people, trust it; your guts are the first thing you need to follow when you’re traveling by yourself.

7. It’s highly important for you to be observant. Solo travel will automatically make you observe the things in your surroundings, which brings you to my next point.

8. You’re being more sensitive towards others. The more you observe, the easier it is to read people’s gestures and emotions. Thus, it’s easy for you to know whether someone is generous or otherwise.

9. You acknowledge that all humans are actually the same. Maybe humans have different cultures and races, but you’ll realize that humanity will always be the same wherever you are.

10. You have tons of friends without your concern. Because wherever you go by yourself, you will always find some ways to socialize and interact with others.

11. You know how to use your time wisely. Solo traveling makes you seize every minute worth to spend and it makes you appreciate time more than before.

12. You’ll tolerate mistakes and never regret your choices. Instead of blaming yourself, you will laugh at your stupidity for taking the wrong turns which made you lost and you won’t regret your decisions because you know those mistakes were lessons.

13. You won’t be obsessed over your social media anymore. Solo travel makes you realize that the most important is to see the world, not for the world to see you.

14. You’ll trust the universe more than before. Solo travel makes you believe that everything will work out fine as long as you don’t break the law and the local wisdom.

15. You’ll learn to manage your money and how you want to spend it. The more you solo travel, the more you spend your money for moments and experiences instead of buying souvenirs.

16. You’ll realize that self-love is important. Solo travel makes you realize that being alone is totally okay and it’s different with being lonely. Thus, it makes you brave to leave the toxic relationship that you had in your life because you are content with yourself.

17. You’ll realize that nothing is impossible. You can do skydiving, bungee jumping, hike to the tallest mountain; whatever it is, as long as you have a strong will, you can do it.

18. You won’t judge people too fast. You will meet so many people in your journey and you will realize that people are always more than meets the eye.

19. You will be grateful over simple things. Whether it’s seeing some children playing with their friends or seeing the smile of the local people; simple things will make you blessed when you’re traveling by yourself.

20. You’ll realize that you don’t belong in just one place. The more you travel by yourself, the more you realize that your heart belongs to the places that you’ve visited, because those places will always be a part of you as a person.

21. You’ll believe that every problem has solutions. Solo travel improves your resilience towards problems simply because, in order to survive, you need to find the solutions by yourself.

22. You’ll be smarter in seeing the world. Solo travel makes you see the world in different perspectives and you’ll grow as a brand new person each day.

23. You’ll realize that you have milestones to chase more than settling down. Solo travel makes you acknowledge that there are many things you can do before settling down and getting married.

24. You won’t find happiness, but you’ll find what you want and what you need. Traveling doesn’t always mean happiness, but one thing for sure; solo traveling makes you more aware about yourself, about the likes and dislikes, and how you want to live your life.

25. You’ll fully understand the meaning of home. When you’re on a journey by yourself, you’ll find your own definition of home and love which only you can understand and comprehend the meaning behind it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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