20 Everyday Things Only Highly Sensitive Extroverts Will Understand


Most of the times, we’re only familiar with the term extrovert and introvert which actually everyone has both sides of it. Some of us are also considered to be an extrovert and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) at the same time. They are the ones who experience various feelings too much, but also love to be surrounded by people. The life of an HSP extrovert is always a war between protecting their well-being and giving pleasure to the people in their surroundings as well. So here are 20 daily things which only an HSP extrovert will totally understand.

1. Your friends will misunderstand when you’re MIA. It’s just so hard for you to explain the exhaustion of being surrounded by people to your friends. Thus, they will always ask you “Are you okay? Where have you been?” when actually, you’re just in your room and recharging your energy.

2. You love meeting new people, but feel extremely guilty if you don’t remember their names. You have tons of friends and not remembering their names will make you feel the worst friend ever.

3. Your weekends will be in between going out or just staying at home. You always consider the aftermaths of meeting people and it’s a struggle because you extremely want to connect with other people, but it’s hard to feel too many emotions at the same time.

4. You will wake up tired because your dreams are full of people. Dreams are the manifestations of emotions in your daily life. Because you always surround yourself with people, you absorb too many emotions, remember many things, and made your dreams in chaos.

5. You like to cancel the plans at the last minute and feel guilty afterwards. Because your emotions are changing alongside with the people you’ve met, you can’t predict the exhaustion and this makes you cancel the plans with your other friends— which will make you feel extremely guilty.

6. You’re brave enough to get out of a toxic relationship. It’s easy for you to make friends, so you won’t think twice towards cutting yourself out from the relationships which emotionally abused and made you exhausted.

7. You fall in love easily but feel scared at the same time. You always have the need to build intimacy with a person, but you don’t want to feel the pain of a broken heart at the same time. Thus, you’ll always deny yourself for being in love and choose to be single.

8. It’s extremely important for you to spend time with the people you loved the most. You will choose to spend more times with the people you love rather than surrounding yourself with the friends you don’t really know.

9. There will always be people who want to share their problems with you. You’re a great listener and it attracts people to talk to you. Even new people will share their problems with you and you’re just there; listening and trying not to absorb too many feelings from their stories.

10. And you will blame yourself if you can’t solve their problems, because you care too much.

11. You hate clingy and nosy friends. You like to be surrounded by your friends, but definitely hate the ones who always want to know what you’re doing 24/7.

12. It’s easy for you to read people in social situations. You know those who fake their smiles, who really care, and those who are just being social climbers. Moreover, you strongly believe in your intuition until you know exactly those people whom you should avoid.

13. You are totally okay with traveling by yourself. You can socialize well, thus, you’re not afraid to solo travel. In fact, you will choose to travel alone, so you can observe people more and fully engage with new situations.

14. You like noisy environment but it makes it hard for you hard to concentrate. It’s easy for you to be distracted by many things yet you hate solitude and silence. A coffee shop or a cozy cafe will be the perfect working space for you.

15. You are the queen of social media yet you hate using it. You have many social media accounts, but it’s always tiring for you to know other people’s lives and updates simply because knowing people’s lives can make you anxious in jealousy.

16. You will hide your sadness and insecurities in public. You don’t like to expose your problems and feelings to others simply because it can lead you to be criticized. People will see you as a cheerful person and they don’t have a clue that you feel everything too much.

17. And it’s such a struggle to not be offended if someone made you the butt of a joke in a social situation.

18. You are extremely selective in choosing social events to attend. You love social events, but you need to know who will be there and when you’re too overwhelmed with people’s energy, you won’t hesitate to withdraw your presence from it.

19. You have that one person who you trust to talk about your strong feelings. You have tons of friends, but you always need one or two whom you can share how exhausted it is to be an HSP extrovert. You also know those friends who will stay long in your life or vice versa.

20. You acknowledge that being an HSP extrovert is a blessing in disguise. Despite the facts that your life will be full of dilemmas and guilty feelings, you know exactly that being an HSP extrovert makes you able to handle any social situations. Being an HSP extrovert makes you realize that it’s important to not only have empathy towards others but also maintaining your well-being at the same time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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