The Truth About Why It’s Important To Learn Things The Hard Way

Greg Rakozy
Greg Rakozy

This one is for you, who learn to live your life through the hard way; when you learned everything through your struggles, pains, bruises, and through those shattered hearts which you picked one by one. You don’t believe the life lessons from the movies you watched or from the song lyrics you heard. You are the strong ones who absorbed the lessons only if you felt the pain by yourself.

You always live your life with an empty glass, when you’re always ready to fill your glass with tons of lessons to learn. Those quotes from famous people will only make sense if you have experienced the same thing. The theories about life will only make you doubt about things because the only way for you to learn is by getting yourself into the battlefield itself.

You learned the right way to love by getting yourself cheated and betrayed. You felt the pain of being left and you struggled to get through the day without that one person who made your heart beat faster once. You learned about loyalty and how easy it was to break someone’s heart. You learned to love more by knowing the pain of those break ups and separations.

You learned that love should be simple and effortless; because love shouldn’t make you feel unworthy and affection should be given freely. You have promised to love the right person halfway by understanding the pain of an unrequited love; all those broken hearts were only lead you to love more.

You learned that people made mistakes and it was important to forgive but not to forget. You learned that even those you loved the most can be the ones who hurt you until you barely breathe. Now you understand that a ‘sorry’ will not make a difference because it is only a word against thousand actions that they did to break your heart.

You learned that once the trust was broken, it will so hard to be fixed. You learned to forgive but it was hard for you to trust again. You learned that some people don’t deserve a second chance and the only person who deserves another chance is yourself. Instead of trying to forgive those people who hurt you, you learned to forgive yourself and find your own inner peace.

You learned to focus on your goals and dreams by being underestimated. You learned that nothing is impossible by trying to pursue your highest dreams until you get it. You will feel the strength within yourself by being bullied by those people who only see you as their strongest competitor.

You learned to succeed by feeling the disappointment toward hundred of failures and hopelessness. But you know you are a fighter and you will learn to get up against the storm ahead of you, until you get what you truly deserve.

You learned that nothing can scare you by facing your fears. You learned that once you defeated your fears, you could easily conquer the world. You learned that fears were your worst enemy and no one can diminish it but your bravery. You learned to face your fears by trying some things new; travelling solo, make the first move toward the people you secretly love, and by speaking up for your own well-being. You know now that it is okay to speak up and stand for yourself. You notice that the only thing to save yourself is by being heard; people need to know where you stand.

You also learned that it is really okay to be honest with your feelings; that the more you deny your feelings, the unhappier you will be. You learned that being the one who loves deeply was totally normal and love should make you feel vulnerable. Those broken hearts and rejections only lead you to learn the real meaning of letting go and moving on. You admit the struggle of forgetting and moving on; but deep inside, despite the pain and the hurt, you came out as a brand new and a better person.

Despite all the things that hurt and made you suffer, you were survived. You learned to live again each day and you came out as a warrior.

You are the soul that the universe loved the most and someday, your battles will be fruitful.

Your tears and those bruises of your heart will be replaced by peace and unconditional loves from the people you love the most. You will be the person who is inspiring those around you and you will be the one who saved their lives.

I am so proud of your strength and your infinite power to conquer everything that has happened to you. Because actually what doesn’t kill you not only make you stronger, but also make you a warrior. Keep learning through the hard way and if strong doesn’t define you, I don’t know what else is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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