The Truth About Loneliness


This one is for you, who were crying yourself to sleep because some people that you loved the most have decided to walk away and left you behind. You’ve been left and hurt by so many people until you believe that there was something wrong within yourself; you were unworthy and nothing but a flaw.

After they were gone, you felt empty as if you have nothing left within yourself. You are too familiar with the numbness until the only thing that you had inside was your heartbeat; it keeps your body alive meanwhile, your soul has died. You were being eaten by the loneliness until you felt so desperately hopeless.

It was such a war within yourself; you were distrusting everything regarding ‘love’, meanwhile, it was the only thing that you wanted the most to defeat the lonely feeling that has been haunting you for days.

However, there is no need for you to defeat the loneliness, because at the end of the day; all of us are destined to be alone.

It is an ugly truth to realize that actually we all are destined to be a loner, and we have to accept that. In this 20s, each of us is busy to find something called ‘fate’; everybody is looking for their bachelor degrees, internships, jobs, apartments, and even soul mates.

In this generation of Millennial, everybody is busy to find their futures and everybody is fighting their own battles. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but I believe that most of us still can’t accept the fact that people have a habit to come and go.

But let’s try to find a new perspective of loneliness so we won’t blame the universe which separated us from the people we used to love. You see, to be alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. Loneliness is just a state of mind that grows within yourself because you are disappointed with the universe. It’s not the loneliness that makes you desperate; it’s your anger, disappointment, sadness, and hatred that leads you to feel hopeless. The more unhappy you are, the more lonely you feel.

Loneliness has nothing to do with the people around you, it’s not about how many people you lose or how many times your heart was breaking; it is about you and the peace within yourself.

Because the truth is, we will always be content with ourselves; with or without other people.

Instead of mourning your own loneliness, try to find yourself when you are alone. Discover the world as much as you can in order for you to understand the beauty of being alone; you will find your true self in the way of the horizon makes you feel limitless, and you will feel the beauty of your contentment at the star constellations of those clear night skies.

Try to find peace by being alone; when all you can hear is your heartbeat and the voice of your heart is telling you that everything will be just fine. Then, you will discover more about yourself; on how you want to love and to be loved, and on what you truly deserve.

Separation and being alone are simply the way of the universe to re-navigate your life.

You were heading in the wrong direction and you were not with the people who you should be with. You need to let go and trust the universe. Maybe this time, your loneliness is making you to love yourself more, to make you realize what truly matters, and not to take for granted the people who are never leaving you behind.

The loneliness that you suffered now will lead you to the people who want to stay in your life without being asked. All you need to do now is nothing but to love yourself and your loneliness.

Transform your loneliness into your own salvation; make it as your weapon to fight this battle field called life, make it as your power which makes you stronger than you were, and make it as your spell to conquer anything only by being yourself.

Once you are content with yourself and being alone, I promise you that you have survived, and nothing can break you down. You will be unbreakable and soft at the same time; you will be strong at heart.

But at the end of the day, please remember that you will always have a place to come back. Look closer and wider, you are actually never being alone; because there are people out there who will always be your home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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