50 Ways To Pray For Your Future Husband

Suhyeon Choi
Suhyeon Choi

1. Pray that he lives in accordance with God’s plan for his life

2. Pray that he would be steadfast in the knowledge of his identity in Christ

3. Pray that he will be learning to lead our future family

4. Pray that he is a hard worker

5. Pray that the LORD will bless his job

6. Pray that he be a witness for Christ wherever he goes

7. Pray that he is blessed with godly friends

8. Pray that he is surrounded by people who bring him up, not tear him down

9. Pray that he learns to love as God desires him to

10. Pray that he would lean on Christ in his trials

11. Pray that he will hope in the LORD

12. Pray that he would learn to trust, and trust the right individuals

13. Pray that he will be content

14. Pray that he would have a giving heart

15. Pray that he would sacrifice himself for God and others

16. Pray that he will always seek God first

17. Pray that he will submit to God and any authorities that are over him

18. Pray that he would trust in God’s plan, not his own

19. Pray that he would give everything to the LORD in prayer

20. Pray that he would seek wisdom

21. Pray that he would set aside daily time to spend with Jesus

22. Pray that he would have a humble, teachable spirit

23. Pray that he learn to control his anger

24. Pray that God would give him discernment

25. Pray that he wouldn’t let past relationships affect his relationship with me

26. Pray that the LORD would teach him to be a good husband, and likewise me, to be a good wife

27. Pray that he would submit his fears to God

28. Pray that he would fully grasp his purpose in Christ

29. Pray that he would constantly be reminded of God’s love for him in everyday life

30. Pray that he would boldly declare the Truth of the Gospel

31. Pray that he would grow spiritually through reading, studying and prayer

32. Pray that he would be bold and confident in sharing Christ’s love with others

33. Pray that he would be quick to forgive

34. Pray that he’ll live a self-controlled life that is a result of his salvation

35. Pray that he will grow and flourish because of his trust in the LORD

36. Pray that others can see God through him and the way he lives his life

37. Pray that he will be faithful in all things

38. Pray for his maturity

39. Pray for his integrity

40. Pray for his protection against temptations

41. Pray for his purity

42. Pray for his patience

43. Pray for his family, and his relationship with each of his family members

44. Pray for his discernment in handling finances and that he would be good with his money

45. Pray for his health

46. Pray strength over him

47. Pray for his humility

48. Pray for his heart

49. Pray that God’s face will shine upon him

50. Pray that God will be glorified in our future marriage Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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