The Right People Will Bring Out The Best Version Of You

The best version of you comes out when you’re feeling safe and that can’t be found in some environments or with some people. The best version of you will naturally come out when you’re feeling appreciated, loved and supported.

Sometimes changing your environment removes a large chunk of what was draining you or holding you back because you cannot heal in the same place that broke you and you cannot find the strength to keep fighting around people who put you down. You cannot feel safe around people who aren’t honest or genuine with you.

The best version of you needs healing and that means changing the environment that hurt you.

If you want to heal from your childhood traumas then you need to step away from your parents and their environment so they can’t influence your decisions anymore or tamper with your dreams and desires. Sometimes you need a break from them because until you’re healed, they will serve as a reminder of the pain, they will trigger every wound and they won’t allow you to heal properly if their voices are still in your head.

If you want to heal from your break up, you can’t be around the same people who broke your heart or betrayed you. You can’t be around people who don’t understand your heart or people who take your feelings lightly and you can’t be the best version of yourself around people who are constantly comparing you to others or making you feel like you’re not enough for them.

Because the best version of you comes out only when you feel safe, when you feel loved, when you feel valued and appreciated. The best version of you comes out when you feel heard and seen, when you’re feeling supported and respected. Different people can evoke different versions of you, there will be those who activate your defensive mode when you feel attacked or your avoidant mode when you feel neglected. There will be those who bring out the worst in you with their actions or their lies or their words.

The best version of you can’t blossom in the same environment that diminished you. You will only get more of the same unless you can be in that environment without being influenced by or attached to any of it. You can’t solve a problem by repeating the same mistakes and you can’t truly change if you’re still actively participating in everything you’re supposed to run away from. To find the best version of yourself, you have to detach from all the things that got you sick and caused you pain and or those who made you feel like you’re not good enough or invalidated your feelings.

The best version of you won’t thrive on toxicity or disrespect or manipulation and it will crack in the wrong environment. The best version of you can only flourish when you’re feeling safe, secure, loved, appreciated and seen. The right people and the right environment will bring out all the beautiful parts in you and they will help you bloom. Learning that will help you choose your environment wisely instead of staying stuck in the wrong place expecting to flourish around those who poison your soul.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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