Just Be Patient And Watch How Everything Eventually Works Out In Your Favor

Just Be Patient And Watch How Everything Eventually Works Out In Your Favor

Just be patient and watch how everything eventually works out in your favor, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Just be patient and you will understand why some people weren’t meant to stay in your life. You will see their true colors, you will see how they treat other people, you will see how they manage their own life and you will then understand why these people weren’t going to do you any good. Why their presence in your life would have only drained you.

Just be patient and karma will get you justice from all those who deliberately lied to you or betrayed you. Life has a funny way of giving those people a taste of their own bitter medicine. Like you get fired and in a short amount of time, the company is not doing so well anymore. The person who broke your heart and disrespected you suddenly is suffering from the same kind of betrayal and loss they put you through and the cycle goes on. Just be patient and let karma do the dirty work.

Just be patient and everything that once unsettled you will be settled for you because that’s how the universe works, you don’t get your justice or your closure or your answers right away and at times it may feel like the odds are stacked against you and nothing seems to be going in your favor but then it all just falls into place. The answer just comes to you on a random Tuesday morning. Your closure comes with a twist as you sit back and enjoy the show.

Just be patient because when you rush and take matters into your own hands, you can sometimes ruin the wonderful surprise the universe has for you. Sometimes we get carried away and we don’t wait to see how things will unfold for us because we’re too obsessed with getting the outcome we want immediately. We want to punish those who hurt us and get even with those who kicked us when we’re down but we don’t let the universe work its magic.

God is watching. God knows exactly what happened to you and who did what and what their intentions were and God knows how much you’ve suffered and he is fighting your battles behind the scenes. He’s not going to let those who purposely wounded you slip away without a few bruises. He’s not going to let all those months or years you spent in agony go to waste, he’s going to reward you with something you never imagined, something beyond your wildest dreams because that’s how God works. He turns it all around. Nothing will ever stay the same. The pain and the loss will eventually be replaced with bliss and abundance.

Just be patient and watch how your faith in God and his mercy will grant you everything you ever wanted and more. Just be patient and watch how God wins every battle you once thought you had lost.

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Rania Naim

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