This Is What Each Character From ‘The Wilds’ Can Teach You About Your Own Strength

Amazon’s new series The Wilds follows a group of teenage girls from radically different backgrounds learning how to survive after an airplane crash leaves them stranded on a remote island. Each girl has her own personality with peculiar traits and strengths that can not only inspire you to find your own, but allow you to embrace your uniqueness.

Martha can teach you the essence of overcoming challenges and that no matter how timid you think you are, you can surprise yourself when you’re faced with an unfamiliar situation or a tough challenge. Even if people view you as soft and sweet, you know that you are capable of coming out of your shell and digging up your courage and strength to survive the worst, even if you’ve never faced something like it before.

Ambitious and passionate about her work and goals, Gretchen encourages you to follow your dreams and put yourself and your goals first. Gretchen can empower you to pursue your dreams fearlessly and show you how nothing is too hard to accomplish if you’re truly committed to making it happen.

A fun-loving optimist with a passion for pop culture, Jeanette teaches you how to embrace your reality with open arms and make the best out of dicey situations. As long as you keep a light-hearted and care-free attitude, nothing can truly dull your spirit.

Mature beyond her years, Leah is a creative over-thinker and somewhat of a loner that can inspire you to enjoy being an introvert and not be ashamed of preferring a cozy night curled with a book instead of a party.She doesn’t feel the need to fit in or get people to like her because she’s comfortable being who she is and she enjoys her own company.

Taking pride in her faith, Shelby’s unwavering faith is her strength because if you trust God, you know that you are never really in trouble and that God will help you get through the most fearful times. She believes in the power of prayer and ultimately in miracles.

Learning how to protect herself from people and their manipulation due to her past struggles, Toni can teach you how to be cautious with who you open up to you or who you let in so you don’t get screwed over by people time and time again. She also has a great capacity for love and is a loyal and giving friend once she knows for sure she can trust someone.

Artsy yet reserved, Nora doesn’t feel the need to impress or please anyone. She can teach you how to focus more on yourself and develop your inner strength and confidence instead of seeking validation from others. Her inner strength is the reason why she tends to be the glue that holds her relationship with her twin sister, Rachel, together.

Rachel’s determination and drive to excel at her sport makes her take bold risks with a fearless heart. That kind of discipline is reflected in her life decisions as well. Her strength comes in her ability to find a way out of ‘dead-ends’. Rachel can teach you that if you couple discipline with determination, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want.

As the tough cookie of the group, Dot’s childhood burdens made her a lot more reliable and dependable than most. She teaches you that hardships can make you a better and wiser person if you choose to see the silver lining. She teaches you to embrace experiences and shows you that these lessons can make you a person people can count on when they need help, comfort or advice.

A proudly promiscuous girl with an audacious fashion sense, Fatin’s almost shameless confidence can inspire you to accept and love who you are without apologizing for it. After all, what makes you different, makes you special. Fatin’s strength lies in her self-esteem and how she doesn’t care about what people think or how they judge her.

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