Some Relationships Are Not Worth Revisiting

Some Relationships Are Not Worth Revisiting

The truth is some relationships are better left behind. Some people are better left as memories; exes, old friends, estranged parents, toxic relatives. Some relationships don’t deserve another chance once they’re over. They don’t need a do-over. They’re not worth exploring one more time. Even though I’m a firm believer in fixing what’s broken but not all people are worth the hassle and the energy it takes to repair the damage that’s been done. Not all relationships deserve the emotional labor it takes to put them back together. Not all relationships deserve your patience and forgiveness.

Some relationships are not worth the arguments and tears again. They’re not worth the kindness and the love if it wasn’t appreciated the first time. Some people will never love you the way you want to be loved simply because they don’t know how. Some people will never give you the fulfillment and the happiness you desire because that’s not their priority and some people will always be selfish, unable to compromise, unable to find a middle ground and unable to even try.

Not wanting to revisit a relationship or give it another chance doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means you know what you want and what the other person is capable of giving and it simply doesn’t work out for you. The equation is unbalanced and even though some variables may change, the outcome is almost the same.

Some relationships are not worth revisiting because a part of you will never forget how things ended or the pain you had to go through. You can brush it aside but it will always haunt you and that will always make you fearful of going all in again. Sometimes you can’t erase how someone made you feel or how they let you down. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the fact that at one point they made you suffer or question yourself or your worth. You don’t always have to give people access to you again if they breached it the first time.

Some relationships are not worth revisiting because you’ve healed and moved on and that person you once were no longer exists. The person who once ignored red flags or gave too many excuses or continually put their partner’s needs above their own is foreign to you now. That person who tolerated disrespect or breadcrumbs or questionable behavior no longer puts up with that kind of repugnancy. That person who once mistook deceit for love no longer falls for sweet nothings or lies.

Some relationships are not worth revisiting because simply you know that the relationships that are worth fighting for are not the ones who tear you down or break your heart or make you unhappy with yourself. You know that if a relationship doesn’t bring out the best in you or shows you a healthy kind of love, then it’s not worth your time or effort.

Some relationships are not worth revisiting and some people are not worth waiting for. Your time is too precious to waste on people who don’t treat you right or appreciate you.

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