Too Many Excuses Can Kill Your Relationship

Too Many Excuses Can Kill Your Relationship

The truth is sometimes we make too many excuses for those we love. We make excuses to buy ourselves more time with them. We make excuses because we want to believe that they are not like the ones before. We make excuses because sometimes we’re not ready to face the truth, we’re not ready to admit to ourselves that it’s time to end things or walk away.

The truth is the level of effort shows you what you mean to someone. Do they find reasons to be around you or reasons to disappear? Are they honest about who they are and how they feel or are they just telling you what you want to hear? Do you feel like they’re giving their all or are you only getting the leftovers? The truth is you know the answer to all these questions but you’re not ready to say it out loud. You know that if you have to ask yourself these questions then you know it’s the beginning of the end.

The truth is as you get older, you stop tolerating certain behaviors and patterns, mystery no longer interests you, inconsistency is no longer challenging, games are no longer fun and not knowing where you stand is no longer confusing. It’s a clear message to you. It’s not something you’re trying to change anymore. The truth is if asking for what you want feels like pressure to another person then they’re not invested because anything truly worth having has some kind of pressure to make it work and to keep it. Anyone who truly wants you will try to fix things and they will treasure your presence in their life.

The truth is if you don’t feel like you can count on that person and if you have to spend your time wondering what you mean to them or why they do the things they do, then it’s only going to drain you. If you feel like you’re the one who is always compromising or making the effort, then it will always be an unbalanced relationship. The truth is a lack of effort kills the spark and ruins the relationship.

The truth is we make too many excuses for those we love but we also know that it doesn’t take a minute to text back. It’s not hard to make time for a proper call and it’s not a burden to see someone you want to see. The truth is no matter what’s happening in someone’s life, if they want you in it, they’ll find a reason to make you stay and if they don’t, they’ll keep piling up one excuses over the other to make you feel like you don’t fit in and the truth is you deserve so much more than that. So much more than someone who doesn’t make the effort to keep you in their life. So much more than a bunch of excuses that can easily be worked out.

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