What Someone Hated About You, Someone Else Will Adore

What Someone Hated About You, Someone Else Will Adore

You meet someone and wonder if you should be yourself because the last time you were yourself someone pointed out everything that’s wrong with you, even the things you loved. Someone made you question if you were a person worth loving. Someone made you question if you were worth their time or their efforts or their love. The last time you were yourself, someone made you think twice before being open, vulnerable, spontaneous or real with anyone again.

You meet someone and you’re not sure if you should hide who you really are and play it safe because the last time you took a risk, you lost but this is who you are and you don’t know how to be anything else. This is how you love and you don’t want to try another way so you take another risk, you decide to be completely yourself; flaws and all. You don’t sugarcoat your words or your actions, you say what’s on your mind and you fight for what you truly believe in and somehow this new person loves every little part of it. Somehow they don’t find it intimidating. Somehow what used to confuse others makes perfect sense to this person and slowly you begin to feel safe again. You’re now certain that the last time you took that risk and lost, you were just betting on the wrong person.

You meet someone and they remind you that someone else can love what one person hated and someone else can appreciate what one person was okay with losing and someone else can cherish what one person took for granted. You meet someone and they remind you that you didn’t necessarily do anything wrong before but you just fell for the wrong people who came into your life for all the wrong reasons.

You meet someone and they tell you everything you want to hear but this time, it’s not a lie. This time, they show you in every way possible how they meant every word they said. They stick around when you need them to and for once you’re not confused, you’re not scared, you’re not hesitant. For once you’re sure of something; this person is genuine. This person truly cares. This person wants to be part of your world. They want to share your life with you. They want to be there for the little things and the big things. And even though this feeling is foreign to you, it’s what you’ve been waiting for and it’s how you always imagined it would be so you open your heart one more time and this time you’re not wondering if it’s right or wrong, because if there’s a slight chance that it’s wrong, it’s still worth it. If there’s a slight chance it may not last, you’ll still give it your all because for now, it’s real. For now, it’s not some rubbish someone else is feeding you expecting you to fall in love with it.

You meet someone and they show you that all the lessons the wrong ones taught you brought you here. All the mistakes you’ve made brought you closer to recognizing the person who offers you something real. The person who doesn’t make you feel any of the things the others did. The person who doesn’t stumble when you hit a bump in the road. The person who knows that the ride may not always be smooth and easy but it’s exactly where they want to be. It’s exactly where they want to go and you’re exactly the person they imagined themselves sharing the ride with. You meet someone and they remind you that loving you is easy and what one person thought was complicated is the simplest thing for them to understand.

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Rania Naim

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.