There’s Tremendous Strength In Surrendering To God

There’s Tremendous Strength In Surrendering To God

There’s tremendous strength in surrendering to God and the plans he has for you. There’s strength in believing that everything can crumble and it will still generate something beautiful, something meaningful, something that will change your life. There’s strength in knowing that even in destruction, God is building something better for you.

There’s strength in surrendering to God’s timing. It’s the hardest lesson, it’s the toughest test – waiting– wondering if it will ever happen, wondering if it will happen when it’s too late, wondering if you will still want it when you finally receive it. There’s strength in waiting and in being okay if you never truly get what you wished for because one way or another God will replace that lost time. One way or another, God will make up for all the time you stayed up praying, wishing and waiting.

There’s tremendous strength in having blind faith in God. Even during losses, even during illnesses, even during breakdowns. There’s strength in accepting what you can’t understand. There’s strength in expecting a rainbow after the hurricane. There’s strength in knowing that you will never predict the future or know for sure how your life will turn out but you’re hopeful anyway. You know that as long as you’re still here, as long as you’re still alive, God has a purpose for you. Your story is not done yet. Your happy ending is still in the making.

There’s tremendous strength in solitude if you know how to talk to God. There’s strength in fighting battles that only he knows about. There’s strength in waking up every morning when you were crying your eyes out to him the night before. There’s strength in leaning on him when your body and soul are crashing. There’s even strength in feeling helpless when you count on God to help you.

And there’s tremendous strength in having no idea how to completely surrender to God yet trying to do it anyway. That’s all that counts. In the end, God will never fail you but sometimes he will put you through the most difficult tests first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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