You Will Be Loved Again And By Someone Who Knows How

Toa Heftiba

The lonely nights you used to dread so much will be the nights you finally look forward to coming home because you know that your special person is waiting for you. You will not have to spend another night wrapped up in your toxic thoughts or your heavy emotions. You won’t spend another night wondering what’s wrong with you or when this darkness will end. Your nights will be filled with stars, warmth and love.

The mornings you used to spend sipping coffee by yourself, looking out the window wishing you had someone you can pour your heart out to will be the mornings you pour coffee for two. You won’t have to filter your face or your words anymore. You won’t have to hide the parts of yourself you’re ashamed of because you will feel safe. You will feel accepted and loved. You will feel like you can do no wrong. You won’t walk on eggshells anymore afraid that saying the wrong thing might push them away because they will choose you every day and they will always choose to stay.

The pattern you had of falling for people who never loved you the way you wanted to be loved or people who only half-loved you or people who made you feel unwanted will be a distant memory. It will be a joke you make with your friends about how dumb you were because you believed that it could work out with any of them because you will finally understand why exactly it didn’t work out with any of them and you will understand why you had to wait for it so it could be right. You had to wait for someone who gives you no doubts and doesn’t fill your head with confusion or your heart with pain. You had to wait for someone who shows you how you should have been loved all along and how you settled for people who had no idea how.

The years you spent wondering if the love you wanted exists or if it will ever find you will finally come to an end because you will finally have your answer. You’ll finally hold your dream. You’ll finally reach the part of the story where everything gets better and love turns it all around and from now on you will be planning all the years to come together, doing everything you wanted to do when you had no one and living every single fantasy you had in mind. TC mark

Rania Naim

Writing. Living. Loving. Dreaming. Healing. Evolving.

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