When You're Confused About Trying Harder Or Letting Go

When You’re Confused About Trying Harder Or Letting Go

It’s hard sometimes when you don’t know if you should try harder for something or someone or let it go and see if it will come to you. It’s hard to find the wisdom to pick one path with solid conviction. It’s hard to understand which way the universe wants you to take.

And while you may never know for sure, the only thing that will serve you well is the fact that you tried and you did the work. You did your part and now the rest is up to God. Now you can let go knowing you did what you were supposed to do.

You didn’t sit back and watch what you want slip away from you. You actually went for it. You put yourself out there, got over your fears and jumped right in. You seized the moment. You took the opportunity. You went out of your way. You compromised. You did what you had to do and now you can let it go.

Life will always be confusing, pushing us away from the things we want but also pulling us closer and I feel like at the end of the day, you will never completely know or have full control over the situation but you have control over yourself, your thoughts and your actions.

As long as you acted, as long as you showed up and as long as you gave something your all, you can now let the universe bring it to you or take it away from you and trust me when I say that even if the universe takes it away, you will move on with no regrets when you know you’ve tried. You will heal faster when you know you didn’t hold back. You will not really wonder if you could have done anything differently because you’ve done a lot more than you should and that’s how you simply know if something is meant to be yours or not.

You do all the work and if it still doesn’t work then it’s not supposed to be yours.

You put your heart into it and if it still doesn’t come to you then it’s not meant for you.

So hold on for as long as you can then let go. Try as hard as you can then release it. Work for it as much as you can then take a break.

The universe is working with you. You have to give it space and time to show you what’s meant for you. You have to sometimes let the universe finish the race you started because that’s how you attract the right things. That’s how you know if you are working toward the right goal or going after the right person. That’s how you know that what you’re asking for can be part of your reality not just another illusion.

You try but then you have to let go. It’s not giving up if you’ve tried. It’s not being lazy if you’ve done your part. It’s not being negative if you’re ready to accept the outcome even if it’s not the one you wanted. It’s called balance.

This is how you find the balance between trying harder or letting go. This is how you find the happy medium between getting attached to something and setting it free. This is how you accept that things will not always go your way but they’re going God’s way and that’s always tremendously better for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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