When The Universe Doesn't Bring Them Back To You

When The Universe Doesn’t Bring Them Back To You

When the universe doesn’t bring them back to you, trust the universe.

Trust the stars that are waiting for you to shine somewhere else with someone else instead of waiting for someone to come back to you just because you think no one else can replace them and that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Trust the moon that lights up the sky every night. Let it inspire you to light up your own darkness. Look up and remember that there’s someone out there looking at the same moon wondering about you. Look up and remember that someday you’ll find your way home. Look up and remember that there’s a world waiting for you outside of your bedroom and the thoughts in your head.

Trust the skies that keep moving through the rain and after every storm. Remember that your storms will pass too and you will see the light of a new day. Remember that it’s not the end of the world just because someone left or someone isn’t coming back. Remember that sometimes you need the rain to cleanse and heal your soul and bring it back to life.

Trust the sun that marks the beginning of a new day. Trust yourself in your ability to start over. To move on. To find yourself again. To write a new chapter. You don’t have to stay stuck on one chapter or one ending. You can always begin again because as long as your heart is open, you will always find inspiration. You will always find the light. You will always find a reason to wake up every day and believe.

Trust God. Trust his timing. Trust his decisions. Trust his orders. Remember that he will move the universe for you when things are meant to be. Remember that he’ll make things happen for you when the time is right. Remember that if he doesn’t bring someone back into your life then they simply don’t belong in it. Trust all the ways he lets good things go for better things to come.

When the universe doesn’t bring them back to you, it’s asking you to stop looking for them and find yourself instead.

It’s asking you to change your life. It’s taking you to a much better place. A place where you can be your own hero. A home you never thought you’d find. Maybe the universe is teaching you that all you need right now is yourself and sometimes the universe wants you to know that you’re enough even if you don’t have someone telling you that you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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