Maybe Life Is Not Meant To Go The Way We Planned

Maybe Life Is Not Meant To Go The Way We Planned

I know that sometimes things don’t add up.

I know people sometimes say goodbye before they barely even say hello.

I know that you get disappointed in people you thought would never let you down.

I know you question why bad things happen to good people, why we get heartbroken by someone we only wanted to love, why we feel that our kindness is locking us up when the wicked are running free.

I know that sometimes life doesn’t make sense but I know that everything that’s confusing you is also changing you. Everything that’s hurting you is also healing you. Everything that’s burdening you is also teaching you how to carry yourself.

I like to think that for every bad thing that happens, something good will find its way to you. Because life is not meant to add up, it’s not meant to have a final answer and it’s not meant to be all figured out.

Life is not meant to go one way or the other. It’s not meant to be black or white. It will always confuse us and take us by surprise. It will always ambush us with situations we were not prepared for. It may sometimes be too much to handle and sometimes too beautiful to forget. Sometimes it’s going to be on our side and everything will align perfectly and sometimes it will elude us. It will fool us. It will play the worst tricks on us.

But I like to think that we also know how to adapt. We know how to change, grow and evolve so we can keep up with life. We know how to fall down then stand back up. We know how to fail then start over. We know how to bounce back from the hardest setbacks. We know how to survive.

Life can be more powerful than us but we still know how to win. We know how to battle. We know how to fight back.

So maybe we just need to slow down. Stop running. Stop chasing. Stop trying too hard and stop choosing to suffer because of what others put us through or what life did to us.

Maybe we should stop trying to give life a number or a timeline or an expiration date and just enjoy the lessons. Enjoy the ride. Revel in the journey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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