I’m Tired Of People Giving Up On Each Other

I’m tired of people giving up before giving each other a fair chance. I’m tired of people leaving before they even try to stay. I’m tired of people getting turned off so quickly without trying to overlook the minor imperfections and look at the bigger picture. I’m tired of people saying we should just drop the ones we care about because they’re not showing up and find someone better. I’m tired of this ‘next’ syndrome that makes us give up so easily on people because we believe that they’re not worthy of our time.

I’m tired of people not trying to communicate like adults and ghosting each other instead. I’m tired of us fearing confrontation so we go silent and we pretend like nothing happened. I’m tired of us not explaining ourselves as we let our misunderstandings linger. I’m tired of us not saying the things we’re truly feeling because it’s better to be cool and chill than real and sensitive.

I’m tired of people telling us that we shouldn’t care too much or get attached too soon or show people that they actually matter to us. I’m tired of people asking us to hit the brakes on our instincts or our emotions and act indifferent and cold because it’s safer this way. I’m tired of people protecting their hearts to the point that they push away anyone who ever tries to get a little closer.

I’m tired of living in a world that forces us not to fix things because the truth is we are all broken. Love is full of brokenness. People still need healing. We’re going to slip up with the ones we love. We’re going to be confused and shattered and unsure of our feelings sometimes.

We’re going to be scared and overwhelmed when someone amazing loves us. We’re never going to be completely healed or emotionally stable or financially independent or filled with self-love when we meet someone. We’re always going to need a little work. We’re always going to need some patience. We’re always going to need someone to stay with us instead of making us feel like we’re too much work and giving up on us.

Because the truth is people shine when they’re loved. They heal themselves when someone comes along and accepts them for who they are. They become so powerful when they know that someone out there chooses them and chooses to stay.

Giving up on each other is what feeds our anxiety, depression, self-loathe and insecurities. Giving up too soon is what makes people so guarded and so afraid of opening up again. Giving up without a good reason is what makes people heartbroken and resentful. Giving up without giving someone a fair shot is what makes people feel like they’re hard to love and makes them want to be alone forever. Giving up is the root of all evil. It’s what destroys good things with potential.

I wish we lived in a time when people stuck around and helped each other get over their struggles. Now it seems like we’re all just added pressure to one another.

Now we just call each other a waste of time when things are not going right. Now we just leave and hope to find someone impeccable because we don’t have the energy to fix or heal anyone. We don’t realize that sometimes that’s all what someone needs before they show the most beautiful parts of who they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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