I’m Slowly Learning That People Can’t Diminish My Value

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I’m slowly learning that people can’t make me feel like I’m not good enough if I don’t let them. If I look at their actions as a reflection of their characters rather than mine. If I truly know who I am and what I have to offer, I can’t let my value be dependent upon people who don’t appreciate me or people who are still trying to find their own worth. I realized that not everyone will value me the same way I value them but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. It just means that we’re not on the same page and that’s something no one can force or control.

I’m slowly learning that trying to prove my worth to others is nothing but a waste of time.

People will know your worth when they choose to see it and spend more time getting to know you. When they pay attention to how others treat you and how they feel about you. When they start noticing all the small things that make you different or special.

I’m slowly learning that I can’t force someone to see my worth if they don’t want to because it’s a choice they’re making and trying to prove them wrong means I still don’t value myself enough.

I’m slowly learning that my worth is not really measured by rejection or failure or external validation. While they’re all important from time to time, they’re not essential. Your worth comes from knowing that you can still believe in yourself after failure because you know you have all the tools you need to succeed. It comes from knowing that you’re worth loving and you’re capable of making someone really happy but you just haven’t met the person who wants all of those things yet. It comes from giving yourself a pat on the back and saying you’re doing great even if no one is telling you. It comes from supporting yourself before you count on others for support.

I’m slowly learning that every time I let people determine my value, I lose. Every time I give them that power, I get weaker. Every time I take their actions personally, I forget how to love myself.

So I stepped back. I stopped comparing. I stopped asking ‘why me?’ I stopped being so concerned about what they think. I looked within and started to believe again. I started searching for the things I’m passionate about. I started talking to strangers with similar dreams and ambitions. I started stepping outside my circle and stepped into a new world that made me realize that I’ve been reducing my value to please the wrong people. I realized that I put discounts on myself to add value to others which resulted in years of self-doubt and low self-esteem and forgetting my worth.

I’m slowly learning that if you truly know your worth and you hold on to it. The right people will find you. The people who truly respect you for who you are. The people who appreciate your character. The people who make you feel like you are valuable and priceless.

These people find you when you learn to drop all the ones who made you feel worthless. And if you can’t find people who value you, then it’s always better to stand alone. TC mark

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