I Still Believe That All The Love You’ve Given Will Come Back To You One Day

Kirill Vasilev

I still believe that all the messages you sent that were ignored, unfelt and left on read will find their way back to you in sweet words and consistent actions. In a way that doesn’t leave you confused or wondering. In a way where you know every word is real and every emotion is true and lies are just nothing but old news. Something you vaguely remember. Something you don’t have to worry about.

I still believe that all the nights you stayed up waiting for a call you didn’t receive will be replaced by hours of conversations with someone who doesn’t want to hang up. It will not feel like you’re bothering them. You won’t be the only one asking all the questions to keep the conversation going. You won’t be the only one sleeping with the biggest smile on your face. You won’t wake up wondering when the next call will be because your phone will be ringing again in the morning.

I still believe that all these dates you took yourself on will be recreated and this time you won’t have to eat alone. You’ll have the best company. You’ll stay until you shut the restaurant down. You’ll be having the time of your life that you’ll forget all the days you ate alone staring at the window wondering why you’re not good enough. You’ll be with someone who makes you feel precious. Someone who makes time for you and wants to try your favorite food. Someone who can’t get enough of you. Someone who is already planning all the other dates they want to take you on.

I still believe that all the years you felt misunderstood, unloved and unwanted will be erased by someone who knows your worth. Someone who tries to understand your complexities. Someone who doesn’t think your feelings are too much. Someone who doesn’t shame you for being too deep or too sensitive or a hopeless romantic. Someone who doesn’t make fun of the beautiful traits that make you who you are. Someone who doesn’t force you to change so you could impress them or please them. Someone who enhances every little part of you.

I still believe that all the tears you wasted on the people who left or the ones who broke your heart will evaporate and you will find a kind of love you never saw coming. You will find happiness, peace and security. You’ll find the kind that makes up for the disappointments and the heartbreak. You’ll find the love that exceeds your expectations. The kind of love that doesn’t make you wonder if it’s one-sided or if it’s all in your head. You’ll find the kind of love that makes you so thankful you’ll wonder what you did to deserve it.

And that’s the kind of love that finds you because of all the love you’ve given, all the times your heart believed, all the prayers you wished for and all the moments you gave your all and received nothing. That’s the kind of love that finds you to make you believe that your love was never wasted, it was just wrapping itself up in someone who can come and give you everything you’ve been giving and more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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