I Guess This Is Goodbye


I guess this is it.
I guess I won’t see you again
and even if I do
we’ll act like strangers
because that’s the world we live in,
we tell our secrets
and pretend like we don’t know
the deepest parts of one another
and that we didn’t touch
each other’s souls.
I guess there’s no more us.
I guess there was never an ‘us.’
I guess ‘us’ was nothing but a fantasy
I created from your words,
from your eyes,
from your touch.
I guess we won’t talk about it.
I guess we don’t need closure.
I guess it didn’t even start to end.
I guess I have to live wondering
where I went wrong.
Wondering why we’re not right
for each other.
Wondering how we could be right
for anyone else.
I guess this is where I leave.
I guess it’s time to move on.
I guess I just have to say ‘next’
even though all I wanted was
to be next to you.
I guess this is goodbye.
I guess this is where we know it
but we don’t need to say it.
I guess this is where the flames burn out
and turn to ashes.
I guess this is where you move on
never knowing that I loved you.
I guess this is where our chapter ends
as we search for another happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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