This Is Why She’s Taking Her Time

She’s taking her time because she’s used to falling head over heels until she bangs her head on the floor and it becomes too late to save her heart from the wreckage. She takes it too far to the point of no return.

She’s taking her time because she’s always falling in love with the story and the butterflies instead of getting to know the person. She’s always trying to live the ultimate romantic love story in her head with a bunch of frogs instead of waiting for her prince. She’s always falling for their words instead of their actions.

She’s taking her time because she’s still healing. She’s still trying to pick up the pieces and the lessons from every heartbreak and every person who lied to her.

She’s still trying to figure out why she keeps putting herself in situations she doesn’t deserve or keeps giving her love to people who don’t appreciate it. She’s trying to understand why she finds men who don’t value her and why she gives them a second chance.

She’s taking her time because she’s learning to start watching closely instead of reacting right away. She’s learning to observe how much someone cares. How they show up. How they treat her. She’s listening more than talking. She’s waiting to see if this is all an act or if it’s real. She’s waiting to see if the other shoe will eventually drop or if this time it’s going to be different.

She’s taking her time because she’s tired of the game. The classic scenario. The boy meets girl, makes her feel like a queen, gets her hooked and then leaves. She’s tired of being the girl who believes and makes exceptions and ignores the red flags. She’s tired of being the one who always gets hurt in the end.

She’s taking her time because she doesn’t want to be a fool anymore. She knows her worth and she’s staying away from anyone who makes her feel like she’s not good enough. She doesn’t feel ‘threatened’ by other girls anymore because she knows that when someone is sure about her, he won’t make her feel like she’s in a competition to win his heart.

She’s taking her time because she’s used to being with people who were confused about her and people who made her question her worth and now she’s taking a break from it all until she finds someone who is worth her time and someone who is sure about her too. Someone who wants to give her all his time and more. TC mark

Rania Naim

Writing. Living. Loving. Dreaming. Healing. Evolving.

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