Read This When You Feel Disconnected From Everyone Around You

Jeff Isy

First of all, it’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s actually healthy.

When the people around you don’t understand you anymore, be alone. Listen to your own voice away from their noise. Remember who you were before they imposed their lifestyles, opinions, and thoughts on you. Remember who you were before you met them or integrated yourself with them. Recharge your mind and your heart away from their energies. This is the time to be selfish. This is the time to ask for space. This is the time to find yourself again before you lose yourself in the crowd. Don’t wait until you no longer recognize who you are.

When you feel disconnected from everyone around you, it means you’re growing, you’re evolving, you’re becoming a new and improved version of yourself, you’re changing and people don’t react well to change. They want you to stay the same. They want you to be predictable. They want you to be the person who always accommodates them.

When you feel disconnected from everyone around you, it means you’re finally seeing a new side of life. A side that calls your name. A new city that doesn’t suffocate you. A new home that doesn’t make you want to run away. A new lover who doesn’t take you for granted and actually chooses you. New people you don’t need to argue with to make a point because they see thing the way you see them. A new culture that’s more aligned with your beliefs and values. You’re starting to see a glimpse of a better life, a better place where you belong, a place where you feel more connected to society.

Because contrary to popular belief, disconnecting from everyone isn’t a sign of depression or loneliness. It isn’t a sign that something is wrong with you. It isn’t a sign of despair. Sometimes it’s a sign of hope and optimism. You’re waking up. You’re realizing your potential. You’re not settling. You’re starting to learn that you are the driver of your life and you can steer the wheel in any direction.

You’re starting to wonder if maybe you haven’t been making the wrong decisions but making the right ones in the wrong place. Saying the right things to the wrong people. Doing the right things for people who don’t appreciate them. Trying to live a certain way in a place that doesn’t support the kind of life you want.

When you feel disconnected from everyone around you, disconnect as much as you can, for as long as you can because that means that when you come out of your isolation, you’ll know who you are, you’ll know what the next step is, you won’t be manipulated by others, their words won’t get to you, their opinions won’t matter. You won’t feel like you’re trying so hard to fit and failing anymore, you’ll be confident in yourself. You’ll know where you belong. You’ll understand that you felt disconnected for a very valid reason and that’s going to be how you save yourself from drowning and sail away to find a happy home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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