In 2018, I’m Breaking Up With Self-Doubt

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In 2018, I’m breaking up with the enemy within. The voices in my head that keep telling me that I can’t do something or I’m not good enough. The thoughts that haunt me at night telling me I’m not on the right track and I’ll never be. The anxiety that creeps in making me feel like I’m not capable of changing my life or being everything I want to be. I believed the enemy in 2017 but now I realized that the enemy was so wrong, it was so far off and it was simply clueless. I realized that the enemy is nothing but a bundle of fear and negativity sent to me to stop me from enjoying life. To stop me from making mistakes. To stop me from learning anything by always playing it safe.

In 2018, I’m breaking up with my past. I’m done remembering everything that went wrong and thinking that it’s bound to happen again. I’m done letting my past stop me from taking risks because I’m afraid of getting hurt. I’m done letting my past remind me of the bad times instead of the good. I’m done being too hard on myself every time I’m faced with something challenging and exciting. I’m done letting the past dictate my future. I’m done giving my past so much power and I’m passing on this power to the present as I learn to live every moment without thinking of what could possibly go wrong or link it to something I’ve done before.

In 2018, I’m breaking up with toxic people. People who judge me for what I do. People who can’t see my worth. People who just want to make my life harder. People who think they know everything. People who don’t want to grow and change. I’m breaking up with people who don’t help me dream or move forward. People who can’t support my vision even if they don’t understand it. People who don’t want to see me shine because they’re afraid of my light. People who only like me when I’m playing by their rules or when I tell them what they want to hear. I’m breaking up with anyone who makes me love myself a little less.

In 2018, I’m breaking up with expectations. I’m done trying to follow a certain timeline or keep up with my friends or compare my life to others. I’m done trying to do things just because everyone else is doing them. I’m done asking God for things that are not meant for me just so I could fit in. I’m done playing a role that’s not meant for me. I’m done being a secondary character in someone else’s story.

In 2018, I’m focusing on my story. I’m focusing on what I can bring to the table. I’m focusing on what will make my life exponentially better. I’m focusing on my own well-being and my happiness. I’m going to make 2018 count because I’m going to put myself first. I’m going to choose myself. I’m going to feed myself positive and loving thoughts. I’m going to believe in myself again.

In 2018, I’m breaking up with deadlines and expectations and rules. In 2018, I’m committing to making it a year worth remembering. A year I can look back on and say that was the year when everything changed. That was the year I found myself again and lived my life according to my own rules and it worked and it was beautiful. TC mark

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