I’m Learning How To Love Moving On

Pete Bellis

I’m learning how to say ‘next’ and mean it.
How to let go of the past,
how to knock down the picture I painted
and embrace the blurry future.

I’m learning how to accept my fate
even if I don’t understand it,
even if I don’t know where it will take me,
even if I’m dying to change it.

I’m learning how to let what’s meant for me find me
instead of actively searching for it
or convincing myself that it’s right around the corner
or expecting to have it at a certain time.

I’m learning how to love moving on —
and understand that it doesn’t mean failure.
It doesn’t mean loss.
It’s not always my fault.

Sometimes moving on means strength.
It means maturity.
It means wisdom.
It means optimism.

Sometimes moving on is the only solution.
It’s the only way to keep going.
It’s the only way to welcome new things
and open new doors.

I’m learning how to enjoy moving on.
Enjoy the transition,
enjoy the lessons,
enjoy starting over.

I’m learning that moving on is a blessing.
The fact that you believe in a better future.
The fact that you can let go of the past.
The fact that you’re not stuck waiting.

I’m learning how to love moving on,
how to love walking away,
how to love saying goodbye
and how to survive on my own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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