This Is What She Really Means When She Says ‘I Like You’

Meireles Neto

When she says I like you, she’s telling you that you make her smile, she loves spending time with you, she loves learning more about you and asking you all the questions that are on her mind. She’s telling you that she cares about you and your day and she wants to try to make your day better. She wants to make you smile too. She wants to be a sweet distraction in your stressful and busy life.

When she says I like you, it means that she wants to go on dates with you. She wants to do things with you. She wants to try new things with you. She wants to see the things she knows and loves through your eyes because it tells her so much about you. She wants to make memories with you as she learns more about you. She just wants to be next to you.

It doesn’t mean she’s ready for a relationship right away, it doesn’t mean she’s already envisioning your wedding day, it doesn’t mean she’s going to act like a needy girlfriend just because you’ve been out on a few dates. She’s just asking for your time, not a marriage proposal.

She’s tired of guys thinking that just because she likes them, she’s going to want a relationship right off the bat, she’s tired of guys backing off when she expresses how she feels, she’s tired of guys misjudging her, because just like them, she also wants to take it one step at a time, she’s also been hurt before and she’s picky about who she decides to be in a relationship with. She’s also afraid of heartbreak, she knows that knowing someone takes time, trusting them takes time, seeing if they’re genuine or not takes time and the last thing she needs is another man wasting her time or fooling her.

And that’s why when she says I like you, she doesn’t mean I love you or I want to marry you, she’s just saying I’m curious about you and your story, I care enough to make time for you to find out more. I like seeing your name on my phone. I like making plans with you. I like how time flies when we’re together. I like how you make me feel.

She’s not saying I’m desperate for your love and attention. She’s not saying you’re the one. She’s not saying it’s now or never. She’s just saying let’s find out. Let’s take our time to figure out how compatible we really are, what we can learn from each other and what’s the reason we came into each other’s lives.

So before you jump the gun and make assumptions. Take some time to think about what I like you really means. Before you decide you’re not ready for a relationship, ask yourself if that’s what she really wants because believe it or not, sometimes she just wants to go with the flow.

Sometimes she just doesn’t want to overthink things or wonder where things are going, she just wants to enjoy things as they are now. She just likes it when you’re around. She appreciates your company. She’s not trying to plan her future with you but she wants to enjoy every moment in present with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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